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Hi Diego,
thank you for your response.
Actually, the wind is not that strong to move the yoke until the roll axis end. It can be easily kept at the center holding the yoke strongly. I think that the yoke shaking is normal during wind condition, the real problem is that the yoke takes a wrong “center” position when the wind ends (eg., after the landing). The yoke looks like to set its center position to a wrong position permanently.

Actually I expect that the yoke acts like in a real plane, giving the wind feedback when needed but not trying to take a permanent wrong position because of that; I would not be happy decreasing or even disabling a great feature I’ve paid for.

Just to be clearer, I’m going to attach you a picture showing the yoke position after a flight with about 4kt of wind; the plane landed, moved to the park and turned off. You can see that the center position after the flight is extremely wrong. At the start of the flight it was centered. The presence of wind un-calibrated someway the yoke.

Maybe I didn’t get your answer but me, and I think other users experiencing this problem, expect a software fix for that.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for your support,

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