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Thank you for the prompt replies. Massimo, are you saying this is an Xplane issue?

Now I have always found the Xplane Baron sensitive to rudder input so I always moderate this by making the rudder input less effective by flattening it’s response curve in Xplane settings. This is just to make it easier for me, I can take-off happily in both conditions.

The current swing problem is in a completely different category.

To see if the swing is caused by excessive rudder input I did three take-offs with the view set to the rear using shift+4. The first TO was OK <s>, 2 and 3 had the swing. Now from the rear the oscillation seems to happen with very little rudder deflection. Of course the tendency is once it has started to increase rudder movement to try to control it.

Now normally I would not have associated this swing with CLS2SIM until I read that another Brunner user was having swing issues with his Brunner pedals. My serios swing issues only started after I had installed and used CLS2SIM.

Initially I’ll refit my CH yoke and see if it persists. I’ll report back.



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