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Diego, can I ask you to try a take-off with the following parameters and let us know the results please.

Xplane 11.34
Xplane Baron
ground level crosswind at 90 deg to the runway at a speed of 11 or 12 knts
no turbulence in Xplane or CLS2SIM

The reason I ask is that I can now control the Baron crosswind oscillations by making adjustments in Planemaker but as soon as I use CLS2SIM software the oscillations are back and all the changes I have tried in Planemaker to control this have no effect.

In the standard Xplane I noted that when I reduced the Planemaker “nosewheel steering full deflection time” my rudder corrections became more effective. I see it as thus, I put in rudder movement to control the swing then the nosewheel steering catches up and adds more. So I back off and the nosewheel steering catches up and adds more. The effect is to start oscillations.

In summary, although I can make adjustments in Planemaker to control this in standard Xplane, I cannot when running CLS2SIM. To my mind this implies that CLS2SIM is introducing its own system delays which I cannot compensate for.

At the moment unless in still air my Brunner software is unfit for purpose.

I look forward to your feedback.



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