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Many thanks for your input John, much appreciated!

Are you a real 737 NG pilot?

I’ve compared your profile to mine and found some interesting differences:

– On the Effects tab, you don’t have the stick shaker enabled, any particular reason for that?

– On the Axis Range settings tab, you don’t have the backlash option enabled. Here’s why I chose to enable it when flying the Zibo mod

– On the Axis Range settings tab, you on the other hand have Deadzone for Roll set at 2 where I have it set at 0. Not fully sure what the difference is between Backlash and Deadzone

– On the Axis Range settings tab looking at the Linearity Settings, you don’t have nonlinear output enabled for either one of the axes. Where I have nonlinear
output enabled for both axes. This after receiving input from a real airliner pilot who never flew the 737 NG but lots of other aircraft types including the 747 and a myriad of other aircraft types. He is also the guy who developed the flight model in the Zibo mod. This is where he told me to “…change linearity so that change states near stick center are much smaller and “ramp up” smoothly after about 20-25 % stick movement.”

– On the Axis force settings tab, you have Initial Scale factor for Roll set at 206 where I have it set at it’s default value of 100

– On the Axis force settings tab looking at the Force Setting, it looks you did some changes as well compared to what I have. Can’t recall I touched these myself. Also I’m not sure if any settings on this tab will have any effect when you have hydraulics enabled on the Hydraulics tab?

– On the Autopilot tab, you have Trim to zero on disable enabled for the Pitch axis but don’t think this will have any effect when not having hardware trim enabled

– On the Autopilot tab, you have Percent of way used by AP set at 100 for both Pitch and Roll where I have it set at 200. I increased this value to make the Brunner yoke movements better match what I see in the virtual cockpit of the Zibo mod

– On the Autopilot tab, you have On overpower, disable AP. I never got this to work in the Zibo mod. Having it set like this, you will feel how the AP has been disconnected in the physical yoke. However, the AP will still be connected in the Zibo mod. At least that has been my experience when I played around with this

– On the Hydraulics tab, we use different values. How did you come up with your values? Since these values seem to be the most important ones when it comes to how much force is actually required to move the yoke. Unfortunately, the values for Hydraulics Failure Force won’t make any difference in the Zibo mod since the plugin for CLS2Sim doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with the Zibo mod in this regard. Have been asking both Lubos (the dev of the Zibo mod) as well as Diego (the dev of CLS2Sim) about this and hopefully, we might one day have support for this

– On the Trim tab, you have it enabled for Roll with Trim Compensation checked. I don’t have anything checked on this page

Sorry for the wall of text which I’m sure this will end up being. Just wanted to comment in as much detail as possible since we are quite a number of people flying the Zibo mod using Brunner hardware where we all have as our top prio goal to find CLS2Sim settings that mimic the feel in the real 737 NG as close as possible.


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