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Hi Richard,
No i’m not a pilot. I’m a retired EASA Part 66 aircraft ground engineer B1 and B2. (B747/200/300 – DC10 – A310 – B767 and B777)
I have no special reason for disabling the stick shaker option. Bad pilot 🙂
You know there are a lot of problems in the beginning, but now the interface working almost perfect. Thanks to ZIBO and BRUNNER.
Some settings are more or less: try and error and see what is going on.
The settings in my profile are not exclusief for the ZIBO but also for other aircraft.

Axis range Tab. dead zone.
I have many times a unwanted AP disconnect due to the sensitivity of of the aircraft. From memery: IXEG737 classic.

About the Linearity settings is also a general setting for more than only the ZIBO 737.
If you also fly for example the 717 and you observed the animated yoke in the cockpit yand you give a 5deg left/right yoke turn the
animated yoke in the cockpit is in the full left/right position.
So every simulated aircraft has its peculiarity

“– On the Axis force settings tab, you have Initial Scale factor for Roll set at 206 where I have it set at it’s default value of 100

– On the Axis force settings tab looking at the Force Setting, it looks you did some changes as well compared to what I have. Can’t recall I touched these myself. Also I’m not sure if any settings on this tab will have any effect when you have hydraulics enabled on the Hydraulics tab?”

For this observation a have no good answer. It may be because of the “zero” point feeling in the yoke.

“– On the Autopilot tab, you have Trim to zero on disable enabled for the Pitch axis but don’t think this will have any effect when not having hardware trim enabled”

In this case my trim funtion in all “big” aircrafts are working as it should be, (X-plane and Prepar3D) but don’t forget the settings of the button (4-5) control to Trim up/down.

– On the Autopilot tab, you have On overpower, disable AP. I never got this to work in the Zibo mod. Having it set like this, you will feel how the AP has been disconnected in the physical yoke. However, the AP will still be connected in the Zibo mod. At least that has been my experience when I played around with this

Go to the ZIBO version 3.34 RC3.0 IPAD Hardware settings:
Yoke Auto Center OFF – BRUNNER Hardware ON

About the Hydraulic force on the yoke.
From memory how i did come up: In the 737 maintenace manual is a disciption about the flightcontrol force check during maintenance. Hydraulic systems ON and check the breake-out force to move the control wheel out the zero position. I know this is a static check and without any kind of speed input(If i can find this figures i let you know)
For example: the elevator is “speed related -more speed more force. For rudder you have Rudder ratio. More speed less – less deflection and for the 737 Aileron?? And for the 767-747-777 you have aileron lockout. At high speed (ca. >180kts) no outboard ailerons

– On the Trim tab, you have it enabled for Roll with Trim Compensation checked. I don’t have anything checked on this page

I have no explanation why. A left over from….?

Keep in mind, my profile is a general profile for various aircraft types and not special for the ZIBO737. The trim functions is for all Boeing airplane the same.

Regards John


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