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Thanks again John for your detailed response!

Deadzone: I recall reading in the documentation how deadzone in CLS2Sim is not the conventional deadzone affecting the centered position but rather the opposite (the far ends of the travel) while backlash in CLS2Sim corresponds to the conventional deadzone, meaning the centered position. So, if this is true, I’m a bit surprised how this helped you with AP disconnects.

Linearity: I might be completely wrong, but I thought these settings would affect how the yoke feels in manual flight. Not how the yoke moves with the AP engaged. For that, I thought you would use the Percent of way used by AP on the Autopilot tab.

Axis force: Here, I’m not fully sure as mentioned in my previous reply if any of these settings actually matter when you have hydraulics enabled on the Hydraulics tab. I might play around with it a bit trying to figure it out.

Trim to zero on disable: Same here, as mentioned in my last reply I’m a bit puzzled when you say this has an effect even when you don’t have hardware trim enabled. Especially since it’s even saying in CLS2Sim (Hardware trim only).

On overpower, disable AP: I already have those options you mention in the Zibo EFB set like you suggest. Haven’t tried this lately though. So might be worth giving it another go now in the latest version of the Zibo mod. How do you have the YOKE MOVEMENT setting in the Zibo EFB set – OFF, DISCO AP or CWS?

Hydraulic Force: This I think is the easiest one to understand, the higher the value, the more force will be required to move the yoke. This is also the setting where I think input from a real driver would be super useful! So hard to know what it should feel like in different kind of aircraft based on pure information found in text.

The problems as I see it setting the Brunner yoke up properly for any specific aircraft type is twofold. First, it’s very hard to know you did it correctly when you don’t know what it feels like in the real aircraft. Secondly, I still find it quite hard to understand all different options in CLS2Sim even after playing around a lot with it since I got my CLS-E yoke.

One thing that would be really awesome and super helpful would be if Brunner could “hire” a couple of real world pilots for the most common aircraft types and have them come up with profiles for their respective aircraft types they’re flying IRL. Their experience in combination with Brunner’s knowledge how their software works would do miracles I’m sure in having profiles that truly match what you would feel IRL in each aircraft type.

And quite frankly, considering the huge investment it is getting a Brunner unit, I don’t think it would be unreasonable. It’s quite common these days real pilots were helping out with the flight model and the characteristics of a specific aircraft model when you buy an addon aircraft. Which usually costs only a fraction of the price for a Brunner unit.

And don’t get me wrong. Of course the steep price you pay when getting a Brunner unit is mainly for the top quality piece of equipment you’re getting. I just think it’s a bit sad many people myself included won’t be able to fully enjoy the full potential of their Brunner devices for the reasons stated above.

Personally, I would be more than happy to pay for a “real” 737 NG profile fine-tuned by a real 737 NG pilot together with Brunner guys to make sure every option and setting available in both the software and hardware is used in the best possible and realistic way. Maybe a new business idea for you guys over at Brunner ūüėČ

Would be awesome if Stefan, Diego or someone else would care to comment on this.


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