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My CLS-E MKII Yoke and Rudder works just fine in FS2020 but with NO FFB. I heard one user with a Brunner Joystick got to work with Firmware 444. Since Firmware updates are not posted or sent to users automatically, I submitted a Helpdesk Ticket and this is what I received.

and this msg…
“The hardware works with FS2020

Do as follow

Select “Use MS Flight simulator X” in connection Settings

Axis and Buttons must be mapped over USB (in FS2020)

Communication from Simulator to CLS2Sim works (Airspeed)

Excited, I followed the steps in the PDF to install…

…Running the CanOpen I get 3 nodes to update – 1 for the Rudder (Yaw) and 2 for the MKII Yoke (Aileron and Elevator). Update when well. My question is how to connect both to FSX (FS2020 support to come) through CLS2SIM and gain FFB effects from Both devices?

NOTE: The cable configuration in the previous Firmware (442) was Yoke to Rudder (Eithernet) and Rudder to PC (USB) for X-Plane. Now, using Firmware (456) this config only reveals the Rudder in FSX. So my question is how to get both Yoke and Rudder to show up in FSX via CLS2SIM when only the Rudder shows connected. FSX sees both but only the Rudder has FFB.

The issue here is connecting via the “USB HID”. When you have two Brunner Devices connected there is a drop down to select the one you want well, I need both to work so the instructions provided above but Brunner is INCOMPLETE. I get they will not support FS2020 until the SDK is released but knowing I have Both the Yoke and Rudder, these instructions lacked the BASIC information required for them to Communicate with the PC.

To enable both units, I had to plug both USB cables directly from the Units to the PC AND connect the two together via Eithernet Cable. Now Force Feedback works…sort of… but the profiles I have require a lot of tweaking. Oh! And I am getting the following error msg in CLS2SIM.
28.02.2020 at 07:40:14 SIM-Error: Sequence contains no elements
at System.Linq.Enumerable.Max(IEnumerable`1 source)
at ​‌‮‏‍‭‌‏‌‬‫‍‌‌‬‎‌​​‌‭‏‏‍‮.‬​‎‌​‭‏‮‍​‍‌‭‪​‏‫‮‪‭‍‭‫‫‫‫‌‮(ClsProfile , Single[] , Dictionary`2 )
at ‫‭​​‌‪‮‭‎‏‮‌‬‍‪‍​‪‪‫‌‏‪‪‮‬‍​‮.‬​‎‌​‭‏‮‍​‍‌‭‪​‏‫‮‪‭‍‭‫‫‫‫‌‮()
I am sure the error msg means something to Brunner but tells me nothing as to what is wrong with my connections.

Sent this reply to the Helpdesk yesterday and this AM I have no reply.


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