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Thank you to you both. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me and give me your views.

So far I’ve not been one bit surprised by aspects of what you’re saying. With respect to build quality I’ve heard many times on many reviews that this is exceptional and that the difference will be dramatic for me. But I have some more questions for you if I may;

webmaximus, are you able to give me a bit more of an apprecaition of the limitations in terms of ‘integration’ you get with the Zibo? For example, stick shaker, trim, taxi rumble, autopilot movement, etc… that would be really useful. I am typically just on P3D with the PMDG / FSL / Majestic planes.. I think the answer is the integration is limited, but are you saying you can deal with this through functionality within the software package that comes with the brunner?

Marco, you seem to imply that tehre are capabilities I will miss out on, I suspect these are those I’ve just ask webmaximus about, are you able to shed more light on what those might be and if there is anything I can do to ‘simulate’ these effects?

A question for both of you, you both have different versions, the CLS-E and CLS E-NG. They both have different travel and forcefeedback capabilities. How do you both find them? Do you miss extra travel, would you prefer less? Do you want more force feedback etc?

Thanks again.



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