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That’s correct if you fly planes like PMDG you’ll miss some features like autopilot motion, stick shaker, trim motion, taxi vibrations, ecc.. but what i was refferring to was the fact that if you fly commercial airliners i’m sure you know that those have hydraulic systems/flybywire to control surfaces so you wont be able to feel the plane flying trough the air like you would do on a small GA plane, so the difference between an economic yoke like the Saitek and the Brunner one will be smaller.

In terms of travel i don’t feel like i need more than it does, surely airlines do have huge travel on the pitch axis but having all that travel on a “home yoke” attached to a desk is not very practical in my opinion, plus in normal operations pilots don’t even use that much travel because they don’t need it.

The Feedback is spot on, i’m not a pilot but you can definitely tell when you are flying trough some turbulence, even on airliners like the 737.

The actual Force on the yoke varies depending on the profile selected, unless you want to simulate an hydraulic loss on an airliner i don’t think that you need more that it does.




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