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Oh wow, think I missed the memo. Saw that a third party aircraft interface was being used today and decided to check this thread.

I’m currently in the cruise and AP seems to work, albeit it’s a bit slow. I sonder if it’s just cos I’m at high altitude and the AP is using low rate.

The trim unfortunately I think is a conceptual problem of how MSFS does not natively support FFB. CLS2Sim (and XPForce) read the trim setting from the simvar and then apply neutral displacement as required, but in the sim, your control centre position is also shifted, so you end up with a double trim, one software trim as in sim, one hardware trim as on your physical Brunner device.

Hardware trim is a possible solution but then the range of motion between the physical flight control and software virtual flight control no longer match, as well as you’ve mentioned, not being able to use stab trim and possibly needing another keybind for it.

This issue would never be solved unless Asobo adds native support for FFB like XPlane does. For me, I always apply 1-2 seconds of nose down trim upon AP disco.

The problem is actually only very minor for the PMDG 737, in the Leonardo Maddog it’s really bad for take off trim since most CG configs would have your stab trim at 7.0 degrees or so but that makes your Brunner pull almost full backstick.

For your AP disconnecting randomly in flight, it’s because due to aforementioned limitations, PMDG wanted to simulate AP disconnecting by overriding it by force, so they simply coded that when the input device has a certain amount of deflection, it will disconnect, which is counterproductive on a AP following device as the AP commands a control deflection outside this range.
You may turn this setting off in the CDU -> PMDG Setup -> Options -> Simulation page 5/7 -> AP Disco on Ctrl Input -> Off

You may still simulate AP override in CLS2Sim. Curiously, the overpower disable option seems reversed though; AP only override will turn off FDs, AP+FD will override just the AP. There is a short delay however if using CMD B (CLS2Sim sends an AP on/off command to the sim which is interpreted as CMD A, so it turns CMD A on, short delay whilst CMB B hands over to CMD A, then CMD A realises it’s supposed to be off)

You can actually set trim binds within CLS2Sim and it is able to interface with MSFS (on most aircraft) without issue, saves you from having to do USB button mode.

Finally, for operating the stab trim, the 737 will interrupt trim if it detects yoke movement opposite to trim direction. Next time try to push the yoke forwards whilst trimming down, that should get you 4.0 units as you desired.


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