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Yeah, this requires cooperation between A2A and Brunner. I heard from Scott Gentile at A2A that they have been in contact with Brunner and will get a unit to experiment with.

My take on this, given the fact that A2A has its own physics engine in Accusim running outside of the simulator, is that they need to send a “dud” of information to MSFS for the CLS2Sim software to read – a package of info to read, but not for the plane to act upon. This means that the Brunner software has the data to provide all the simulation that it does. However, this will only happen if this can be sent to MSFS without it messing up the physics of the lovely Accusim-plane(s).

An other option is for Brunner to supply an option inside of CLS2Sim for users to assign where the data comes from (and also what sort of “range” this data has, as I’m sure it’s standardized in the sim, which is why we must switch the software between MSFS and XP for example). This could be handy with many other planes too, btw, as other complex planes have different ways of controlling the engine physics and/or the control surfaces. The trouble with the AirfoilLabs planes was caused by them doing “stuff” outside the XP-standard, trying to improve upon it, but at the same time making it difficult to have Brunner hardware be compatible. This was recently solved by an option in CLS2Sim to ignore various axis.

The latter is more interesting to me, as I also have problems with the brakes on the A2A Comanche using my CLS Mk2 Rudder. Same problem, I guess – data coming from outside the regular MSFS datarefs.

It can be solved, I’m absolutely confident about this. It’s only a matter of all parties being open to trying some weird stuff to make it click into place.

I’ll help with any testing, whenever needed.


Erik H. Aasland


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