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Diego Bürgin

Hi webmaximus

Currently I’m not using hardware trim since doing that causes the yoke to “drop” to the left/right whenever I let go of it already when sitting at the gate. Not sure why that is really or how it’s related to the selected trim method in CLS2Sim.

Can you recreate the situation and make a screenshot of the upper half of the profile manager? I’ll have a look then.

First question is when checking the flight controls after setting the t/o trim I notice how the elevator isn’t centered according to the status page in the NGX but instead it’s indicating about 25% pitch up. This is when using a fairly normal t/o trim around 5 units. Looking at the physical yoke (as well as the NGX virtual yoke) they are what I would estimate about 75% pulled back.

There are multiple possibilities. Please disable the yoke physics (top-left checkbox in the general tab) and tell me how the behavior changes.

Second question is when I disconnect the A/P on short final I need to be very careful to apply some forward pressure on the yoke before actually disconnecting to avoid “ballooning” since the trim at this stage always seem to be very much pitch up.

I understand that the behavior is sub-optimal, but with the experimental AP fix for the elevator movement Stefan sent you, this is the trade-off at the moment.


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