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Diego Bürgin

Hi Maurice

Thanks for immediately uploading the profiles, that way I can test a lot better.

To your first question about the yoke physics:

Airspeed and Prop wash are calculated independent from each other, so you don’t have to match speed to thrust.
Also important to note is that the effects are not cumulative and the speed settings as well as the thrust settings are not exact settings and have to be fine-tuned through try and error. This is because the firmware of the yoke factors in other components such as friction and dampening, effectively changing the thresholds to some degree.

The aileron box is unused in any plane I know of. It was integrated to help us test the yoke physics separately when supporting users, as the aileron is affected by less of our software components than the elevator. So setting the effect on the aileron allows us to test if that particular setting works with less interference from other systems.

What does the position value for aileron at the top of the profile manager say?
Can you make a screen shot of the profile manager when that occurs?
I assume you did you make sure that aileron trim in X-Plane is set to zero.
I have so far observed that behaviour with I think almost all standard planes in X-Plane 9 up to 11
and it also occurred when using a USB joystick instead of the Brunner CLS.
I assumed it to be a issue of center of gravity, or an imperfection build in to encourage the use of aileron trim.

Final issue:
Same as above, a screen shot will help me determine what could trigger this.

Happy landings


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