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Welcome back and hope you had a great time off ūüôā

As for the yoke moving along the pitch axis when changing the stab trim I think the problem is what aircraft type you’re in. As described in post #431, in a B738 changing the stab trim won’t affect the elevator since the elevator and stabilizer are separated.

As for the issue where the yoke drops to the right/left with HW trim enabled in CLS2Sim and ELEC HYD PUMPS ON in the NGX I recorded a short clip to demonstrate this. What I forgot to show in the clip is how having HW trim enabled/disabled also affects the pitch axis where the yoke is perfectly centered with HW trim enabled while with HW trim disabled the yoke will always pitch up also seen on the SYS page in the NGX using a neutral stab trim value of 5. The yoke will also move back to a centered position without HW trim enabled if the HYD system in the NGX is not pressurized.

Here’s the clip.


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