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Glad to help. Feel free to give me your impression. Someone told me that i was a bit stiff at low speed compared to other GA aircraft he flew. I did increase a bit the force at low speed to better handfly during apporach because i felt that when little force is applied on the yoke, when you release the yoke, it doesnt go back quick enough to the neutral trimmed position.

Also there is an issue currently with the software: it takes into account the True airspeed instead of the indicated air speed. So even if you climb at a constant IAS speed like 150 Kts, the force applied on the yoke should remained the same, its currently not the case with the software as it takes the TAS and the TAS increase during climb and decrease duirng descent, so don’t be scared if you get a stiffer yoke when you climb. Brunner told me that they will add an option to choose between IAS and TAS in the next software update and i will update the profile accordingly

Camille MB


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