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Hi all, I installed the CLS2Sim 4.19 beta, the new XP connector, and I’m using ZIBO 3.33e on XP11.31. Enabled the Brunner hardware option in the EFB. Overall, this is marvelous! I can now engage ZIBO AP with CLS2Sim connected, and the AP drives pitch+roll without over-controlling (as it would do previously with CLS2Sim 4.14 and older ZIBO versions, invariably leading to out-of-control outcomes), and the AP also moves the Brunner yoke accordingly. In limited tests (flap retraction, engaging VNAV SPD, all during a climbing turn on HDG SEL), AP is very stable. Slight pitch oscillations during initial descent in VNAV. Thereafter, stable again during approach decel, ILS capture, autoland.

However, one quirk that stood out was that the yoke forces are much heavier now, using the same profile that I had from CLS2Sim 4.14. Then I noticed that in 4.19, CLS2Sim shows the current reported airspeed (in knots) at the bottom of the window. But there’s a big discrepancy in this reported airspeed; in fact, the value seems almost double what the sim is doing, in all phases of flight (as far as I could monitor). E.g. when the ZIBO PFD shows 153 knots IAS, CLS2Sim reports 300 knots. Sorry, I should have taken some screenshots to show for this. But anyway, I’m thinking that’s why the yoke is putting out much heavier forces now, as it is going by that almost-doubled airspeed on my force curve.


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