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    That’s a good clarification and sorry if “support” wasn’t the most correct word.

    What you say about not being able to support every single 3rd party aircraft out there makes perfect sense but how you now added what can be used not only by the Zibo mod but also other aircraft is brilliant for all of us!

    So, again thanks to both you and Lubos for working on this together and I’m truly looking forward to try it out.



    thank you very much for the efforts and for standing behind your products in front of the community needs.
    Today, I downloaded the beta software and gave it a try. First impressions are amazing! Zibo never flew like this before.

    so far, IT’S FANTASTIC!

    I will test more and report here if I find some issues.
    Thank you!


    This is really excellent news, thanks for sharing Gianfranco!

    This makes me look forward trying it out myself even more which I hope will be before the end of the week.

    A couple of questions for you in the meantime:

    – What CLS2Sim profile are you using, the one I uploaded or another one?
    – What version of X-Plane are you running?
    – Do you have the experimental flight model option enabled in X-Plane (if you’re on X-Plane 11.30)?
    – How do you have the control sensitivity settings in X-Plane set, all at 50% per default or at 0% all the way to the left as suggested for the Zibo mod?
    – Can you confirm AP engaged/connected in the Zibo mod now moves the Brunner yoke with the AP both along the pitch and roll axes?


    Just installed the ZIBO e update and the new CLS2sim V4.19.1. So far so good. The yoke is following the AP but you must unckeck the “don’t set position in AP mode) in the CLS2sim software-Autopilot Tab). I observe a vibration during the flight controle check. I don’t feel it in the yoke itself but observed it in the VC cockpit and on the system page. (rudder-aileron-elevator)
    I found no problem when i disengaged the AP so no out of trim situations.
    Great job and great service to whom it concern

    – I’m using my own profile (test John v Braam)
    – latest version of X-plane 11-30 and exprt option is enabled
    – Sensitivity settings X-Plane ????
    – Yes

    Regards Jo va Bra


    You find the sensitivity settings under the joystick tab in X-Plane settings.

    But if you have never been in there, they will probably all be set to 50% which AFAIK is the default ‘out-of-the-box’ setting for all these sliders. With the Zibo mod though and the very tuned and advanced flight model that comes with it, the recommendation has been to move all those sliders to the far left (0%) for max realism and since that is what the flight model is based on.

    As for the vibrations during flight control check, do you mean it looks like the yoke in the v/c wants to move with your Brunner yoke but yet it’s like it’s fighting back to stay in a centered position? That is something I’ve seen in the past anyway where it seems to be some kind of conflict between the Brunner yoke and the yoke in the v/c about the current position.

    Diego Bürgin

    A short note regarding the sensitivity settings.

    When connecting our yokes, joysticks and rudders to X-Plane via CLS2Sim, the X-Plane sensitivity settings will be bypassed
    and instead the CLS2Sim linearity settings (found in he axis range settings tab) will be used.

    In CLS2Sim, the default linearity setting is set to fully linear for all axes.
    This corresponds to an X-Plane sensitivity setting of 0%.



    Thanks Diego, that is great info!


    All my sliders are at 0%. The vibration is in the v/c and on roll/pitch/yaw. It is more a sort of oscillation.


    Thanks but after Diego’s reply above, the sensitivity settings in X-Plane are no longer of interest for any axis controlled by Brunner hardware which I think is great. This since the available options to adjust this in CLS2Sim is much better and more detailed vs the same settings in X-Plane.

    Will have to see the vibration issue myself to fully understand I guess.

    @Gianfranco – Did you see any vibrations/oscillations?


    Hi all,

    I haven’t noticed any particular strange behaviour, i.e. the oscillations that Jovabra experiences. My yoke is quite smooth inside and outside the cockpit. Outside, the Brunner, just some vibrations because I prefered to activate the Motor Vibs with a 5% force just not to fall asleep while flying 🙂
    I used my own profile because I found those available not realistic. That said because i had a real pilot tested a couple and he said that the forces that you have to apply to the yoke of the B767 and the A330 (he flew the first and now he’s in the second) are way much less accentuated than those he tested.
    I also use the latest XP and Zibo version available. For control sensitivity settings, i confirm what Diego explained earlier. I had them set with the values somebody in the Zibo forum shared but now I see that they are completely different. My control response were all set to 100 and Stab augmentation to 0. Now they have different values. Fine by me as long as the aircraft is stable. The yoke movement follows the A/P when it’s connected. I see the banks much more accentuated than the pitches, I guess before it’s the trim that’s doing most of the job.

    Everything is fine, but I must say that I only did a very short flight yesterday because I was anxious to test the news.
    Hope this helps. Webmaximus give it a try whenever you can and let me know your results.



    Just add that that experimental flight model option must be enabled in X-Plane 11.30+


    Hi all, I installed the CLS2Sim 4.19 beta, the new XP connector, and I’m using ZIBO 3.33e on XP11.31. Enabled the Brunner hardware option in the EFB. Overall, this is marvelous! I can now engage ZIBO AP with CLS2Sim connected, and the AP drives pitch+roll without over-controlling (as it would do previously with CLS2Sim 4.14 and older ZIBO versions, invariably leading to out-of-control outcomes), and the AP also moves the Brunner yoke accordingly. In limited tests (flap retraction, engaging VNAV SPD, all during a climbing turn on HDG SEL), AP is very stable. Slight pitch oscillations during initial descent in VNAV. Thereafter, stable again during approach decel, ILS capture, autoland.

    However, one quirk that stood out was that the yoke forces are much heavier now, using the same profile that I had from CLS2Sim 4.14. Then I noticed that in 4.19, CLS2Sim shows the current reported airspeed (in knots) at the bottom of the window. But there’s a big discrepancy in this reported airspeed; in fact, the value seems almost double what the sim is doing, in all phases of flight (as far as I could monitor). E.g. when the ZIBO PFD shows 153 knots IAS, CLS2Sim reports 300 knots. Sorry, I should have taken some screenshots to show for this. But anyway, I’m thinking that’s why the yoke is putting out much heavier forces now, as it is going by that almost-doubled airspeed on my force curve.


    Lots of great info shared in here, thanks guys!

    – Very interesting that you had a real airline pilot try out your Brunner yoke and share his impressions comparing to reality. Would you care to share the important values in CLS2Sim you guys came up to?

    – As for the forces and how they are influenced by the airspeed I think there’s an option for that in the CLS2Sim software IIRC. Some real pilot has to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that is more relevant for GA aircraft vs airliners.


    I can try to upload my profile onto the cloud but bear in mind that I own the CLS-E version of the yoke (the cheapest version).
    When my pilot friend tested the yoke, I was using at that time a profile I downloaded from the cloud. He just told me that the forces applied were too heavy and that the real thing is much lighter in terms of pulling and banking. He gave me an idea of what the forces should be, so using the set up guide I received from Stefan @ Brunner, I started tweaking until I found the feeling that satisfied me. Honestly, I don’t remember by heart all the changes I made but when I found some time I will try to also screen shot all my CLS configuration windows and made them available. I am not sure I can upload them in this forum.



    I guess you mean you own the CLS-NG since the CLS-E is not the least expensive version of the yoke.

    Whatever you could share of your settings going forward would be great!

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