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I had a hard time to get the clearance from the family for the CLS E Yoke.
Since some weeks I’m try to get experienced with this yoke,
but with my first choice airplane, the King Air from Airfoillabs, I can’t really enjoy the yoke.

1) There is no possibility to use use the yokes buttons to call X-Planes commands running Windows 10 1903
2) Trimming behaviour is the most disappointing thing
3) Autopilot is problematic


1) Using Win 10 1903 the drive vJoy doesn’t work anymore and there is not SW from Brunner to fill the gap

2) The described procedure for trimming an X-Plane ship doesn’t work with the 350 from AFL.
Best I’m able to get is not changing the aircraftfile and selecting “Trim compensation = ON”,
but it feels like the yoke will move during trimming.

3) Flying at a speed of estimated 230kt IAS or faster without using the AP, and at that higher speed
engaging the AP, a hard reaction results leading to an again disconnected AP, the only solutions are
reducing speed before connecting the AP or slow down the trim speed.
But slowing down the trim speed leads to way to slow trimming.

Disconnecting the AP leads to an hard nose up.

I’m sure time will tell how to solve, but for the moment I’m not really happy with that yoke.



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