Re: elevator trim
My settings are as follows:
1- msfs2020: no key assignment
2- CLS2Sim: button 9: Trim elevator down
button 10: Trim elevator up
3- CLS2Sim: Trim tab: enable pitch and roll
Trim compensation and hardware trim: not enabled

Test 1: propeller aircraft on-ground with throttle idle: trim nose up or down affects the trim wheel and the trim surface but no effect on the yoke due to absence of air flow on the elevator and trim surfaces.

Test 2: propeller aircraft on-ground with throttle high enough to move the yoke to neutral position with the brakes on: pulling on the yoke backwards followed by nose-up trimming relieved the pressure on the FINGERS associated with resetting of the yoke to the pulled position, conversely, pushing the yoke forward followed by nose-down trimming relieved the pressure on the HAND associated with resetting of the yoke to the new pushed position

Test 3: repeating test 2 in flight produced similar results

I believe that this what occurs IRL. Actually this is the first time for me to be able to trim accurately in simulators after almost three decades of simming with non-ffb joysticks and yokes.


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