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Hey Stefan,

Actually, I’m using your C-172 SP profile. ūüôā

I messed with the Velocity setting under the trim and brought the speed down from 50 (default) to under 10.

This enables better fine tuning…. but I’m still only getting marginal tactile feedback…. and it takes much longer to trim.

Which, I guess, begs a question about what *should* I be feeling in the best case scenario?

One of the challenges, of course, is only having ever felt *my* yolk so I have nothing to compare it to.

Thus, assuming velocity is set at 50, flying an A2A C172 in P3D and having to apply back pressure to the yoke to remain in level flight… should I feel *some* relief in the back pressure when I push the trim rocker…. or does it have to hit some value before the yoke takes over some of the load?

My experience has been that when it eventually *does* relieve pressure, it usually over-compensates and I find myself pushing instead of pulling on the yoke to maintain level flight. I should also note that for testing purposes, I use one finger to hold level flight so I can immediately feel when the pressure is relieved.

In addition, I find that when I near the trimmed position (i.e. any pressing of the trim button will send it immediately out-of-trim with a +- 300-500 VS), I need to either push or pull the yoke VERY slightly hoping to find that “magic” spot of zero VS.

I know that trimming is very hard to do correctly in a sim, but I want to get as close as possible and hope for some guidance on this.




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