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I guess the problem is that this is such an expensive piece of hardware, not a whole lot of people have it, thus reviews and experience that can be shared is lacking. I wish I could purchase this locally, and if I’m not satisfied I could just return it, but no such luck.

If you don’t mind me asking, what specifically makes this yoke better for you than the Non control loaded CH yoke? Is the yoke harder to move during certain situations, how is the trimming? I’m confused witht the hardware vs software trimming options…Will both feel realistic, with the exception that one doesn’t show the trim wheel moving in the sim? Since you’re flying the NGX which is controlled by hydraulics, I’d imagine the forces felt would be different than flying a Cessna? I think if I was only flying a Cessna, then definitely a force feed back yoke would be great due to the forces felt. However, I’m not sure what the experience would be when flying an airliner. I know that I’m rambling right now.

The yoke does work with the Majestic Q400, however from what I can gather, certain things don’t, i.e. stick shaker, and no yoke movement during autopilot. (Of course, that’s only what I read from one user back in 2016 on the Majestic Support forums). I’m not sure that’s still the case but hard to confirm since as mentioned earlier, there just isn’t a lot of information out there as there aren’t many people with this yoke who are using P3D. (I think there are more using X Plane). I mean, look at this forum for example, there is not a whole lot of activity or members.

So, I’m trying to gather as much info as possible before I make my decision. Other people rave about the Yoko Yoke, but it’s a $1000 and it’s not control loaded.

I keep checking on here every so often hoping to read updates from Brunner on trying to work with these other aircraft developers to improve the compatibility with the yoke, but I don’t see that. I read something a few months ago regarding contacting PMDG for the 777, but nothing else was posted. I guess the demand is just not there to get the brunner yoke 100% compatible.

This post has made me exhausted. lol


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