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Yes, I have the latest version of CLS2Sim (v4.12.2). The problem still persists. I deleted the logfile.log file… but I do not know how to start CLS2Sim in “Debug mode.” Could you explain? Is it a command prompt entry?

In the meantime, I will explain what I’m doing step by step.

1. I’ll start my computer (Windows 10)
2. I’ll open CLS2Sim
3. I’ll open Prepar3D v4.3
4. When the Prepar3D scenario screen opens, I connect the hardware using CLS2Sim, initialize the hardware, and then connect the hardware to the simulation. All these steps are successful.
5. I am then able to select any aircraft in Prepar3d (including 3rd party add ons), load any scenario, and use the Brunner yoke successfully by selecting one of my yoke profiles.
6. When I’m finished using Prepar3D, I will exit the program, and ensure the program is terminated in my Task Manager.
7. I will ensure CLS2Sim and all 3rd party Prepar3d add ons are terminated and exited.
8. When I wish to use Prepar3d again, I will repeat steps 3 and 4, but will receive a “Could not connect to Simulation” message. The only way to remedy this is to restart my computer completely.

I have and use the following:
Windows 10
CLS2Sim v4.12.2
Prepar3D v4.3
Active Sky for P3D v4
REX Sky Force and REX Texture Direct
FTX Central 3, which has installed various ORBX add ons, including FTX Global Base Pack and Vector
Several 3d party add on aircraft (Including PMDG 737, Aerosoft Airbuses, CaptainSim 757, A2A C172, etc, etc)

I also have and use SPAD.neXt, a program which I use to manage my Saitek hardware, including:

Saitek Trim Wheel
Saitek X52 Pro Joystick/Throttle
Saitek Rudder Pedals
Saitek Throttle Quadrant
Saitek Multi Panel
Saitek Switch panel
Saitek FIP Panel

All of the hardware functions properly in Prepar3D when I use Spad.neXt. Sometimes there are connection issues between CLS2Sim and my Saitek Trim Wheel, but this is remedied by reconnecting the yoke to CLS2Sim and restarting Spad.neXt. I do not think Spad.neXt is interfering. Even when I do not start it, I am unable to connect CLS2Sim to P3D.


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