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    Did anyone find a workaround to use the A2A Comanche with a Brunner yoke? The external simulation (Accu-Sim) makes it hard for CLS2Sim to get the information it needs. According to A2A, they are in contact with Brunner, but obviously it could be a while until that results in “official support”.

    The latest versions of the popular DA62X mod are picky when it comes to which variables they use to get aileron positions, and CLS2Sim uses the “wrong” ones (it uses the ones that work with every aircraft I fly, except for the DA62X). Maybe someone found a workaround for this issue? I currently use an older release ( of the mod, before the change to the ailerons, but I would prefer to benefit from the improvements the later releases introduced.


    My experience with the Comanche has been that the only thing not working is propeller thrust. That and I unchecked Use Hardware Trim, which solved the constant Trim Down warning from the AP. The forces while in the air seem to be somewhat different from other planes, but they are there. I was originally using a profile I made for the Bonanza and Mooney, but I made a completely new force profile for the Comanche and it’s working well.
    So, I’ve unchecked “Yoke/Rudder is affected by prop wash” until that issue is addressed. Also, I do have motor vibrations and ground vibrations enabled, but at a very low level. No turbulences (I don’t like that effect in any plane) or stick shaker.

    I don’t fly the DA62, so I have nothing to add about that plane or the mod.


    Hey Jaybird, thanks for your response!

    To work around issues with career add-ons (OnAir, FSE) which could not see the engine running because it’s simulated externally to MSFS (that’s what Accu-Sim 2 does), A2A added a tiny engine with a tiny propeller to the model. So tiny, that they don’t affect the flight model, but their mere presence is enough to get the simple data the career add-ons need (basically they just want to know whether an engine is running).

    So currently, CLS2Sim gets some spurious data from the sim (like the thrust from the mini engine), mixed with real data (like airspeed), and the result of CLS2Sim’s calculations are probably correct for certain features, and out of bounds or wrong by orders of magnitude for others.

    I have to test the AP issue again. I get the constant Trim Down warning (and if I act upon it, the AP will suddenly disconnect with the plane being trimmed perfectly for a death dive). “Use hardware trim” is unchecked in all my profiles, so there must be another setting that affects it. My main issue with the AP is, though, that CLS2Sim has no way of knowing if the AP is engaged, so it can’t behave differently when it is (“Don’t set pos in AP mode”), which can result in unwanted behavior in certain situations (when AP and CLS2Sim start fighting over control of an axis).

    I suspect that forces in flight being “different” is largely caused by the missing prop wash effect.


    Yes, I saw Scott’s post an the A2A forum about them adding a 1″ prop so those add-ons would work. Doesn’t help us though.

    I just looked at my Comanche profile. I was incorrect in my 1st post. “Use hardware trim” is checked. The rest of my settings on that trim page are: Enable is checked for pitch, Velocity is at 50, Movement % is 100, Max positive & negative trim angle is 10 & -10, Trim compensation is unchecked and Use hardware trim is checked.

    Only other thing is that I’m using a Saitek/Logitech trim wheel and “Use for elevator trim” is unchecked. That may be the difference. My elevator trim works fine and I don’t get any trim down warnings. In fact, the AP works perfectly fine in all modes.


    Nice! I’m gonna try hardware trim then.

    edit: For SOME reason, I can’t set up any buttons to control the hardware trim. I checked “Use hardware trim”, I applied the setting, I switch to the Buttons tab, but “Trim HW – elevator left/right” does not shop up in the list of options I can select. Only “Trim HW – Rudder left/right” and “Trim – elevator up/down”. I can’t figure out why.


    Oops, when I wrote “Trim HW – elevator left/right”, I obviously meant “Trim HW – elevator up/down”. Brainfart.


    I don’t have any button assignments in CLS2Sim. My trim wheel is assigned in MSFS and my yoke and buttons are assigned in FSUIPC. Don’t know if that would make any difference.


    Yeah, think they removed the HW trim description on the buttons tab a while ago. HW trim still works as long as the checkbox is selected. Just select the “normal” Elevator trim up/down on the Buttons tab and HW trim will work.


    Is there a way to make the hardware trim less aggressive?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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