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    I have a question about the Joystick with the A10 Stick mounted. When I press the top Coolie hat (grey one on the top) on the stick to “Nose Down” or “Nose UP” or “RWD” or “LWD” the whole stick moves in the corresponding direction. Can this be disables? I think it’s about to trim the Joystick or something else.



    any ideas about this topic, I saw in the manual that the HAT is default mapped as trim without the CLS2Sim Software, but it is also mapped as trim when I connect the CLS2Sim software. How can I unmap this, it doesn’t make sense to me.

    Kind regards

    Diego Bürgin

    Hi Eliottk

    In CLS2Sim, go to profile manager.
    Select the profile you want to edit on the left.
    Open the Buttons tab in the center area.
    There the coolie hat is by default configured to trim.
    Just set the corresponding actions to “Not bound”.
    Press OK on the bottom right and your good.



    Hello Diego,

    please see the picture below is this the right point where to change it?
    I’m sorry but I can’t find the button assigned, all buttons are unassigned.

    Kind regard

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    after an update to the new Firmware (v.493) the problem seems to be resolved and it is working now.

    Thank’s for your help.

    Kind regards


    The entire stick moving with trim is actually realistic, depending on the type of aircraft being flown. Most helicopters work this way, and quite a few airplanes do as well.

    Force trim is pretty much the whole reason for having this stick over a spring centered one.


    Just received my CLS-E, very fast shipping thank you. However I am not able to trim, in fact the image that eliottk posted is what I am seeing. But the firmware is v503. Any ideas?



    I’m having exactly the same issue. My coolie hat on the Warthog stick changes the position of the stick, even though there are no buttons bound in the CLS2Sim software or in the sim.

    When I move the coolie hat the ‘position’ value changes in the profile manager screen and the stick moves forward or back (or left/right), but the ‘trim’ value stays at zero.

    I’m having difficulty getting aircraft in trim properly and I think this is why, because it is probably interfering with the trim buttons or the sim trim if and when I set them.

    Software version 4.29.3. I’ve tried a clean installation with no effect.


    Open a ticket you will get an firmware update
    Stefan Brunner

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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