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    Hi all

    I need a force feedback yoke to fly the 747-400; I have the PSX, PMDG and iFly simulations (with Prepar3d v4). No surprise then that, without spending megabucks, the Brunner CLS-E and CLS-E NG are on the shortlist; from what I’ve read the main difference between them is that the CLS-E has greater force and larger range of movement in the pitch axis compared to the CLS-E NG. What I need to know now is, is the CLS-E NG is able to replicate the feel and forces of the 747 or is the CLS-E the better option?

    I’m not after a super heavy feel just something that replicates approximately the feel and level of force of the 747. I’ve been using the Warthog joystick and the spring is way too stiff making it difficult to control it smoothly. Although the 747 controls are heavy they are designed to allow the a/c to be flown using small corrections, whilst reminding you that you’re flying a 200-400 tonne beast!

    Is the extra level of force that you get with the CLS-E required to simulate non-normal situations such as Loss of Hydraulics?

    Many thanks



    TRAFFIC, you pose a very fair question. Have you perhaps received a PM on the subject? I’m surprised Brunner has not posted a response. This would be a great opportunity to explain the key differences between to the two products.


    The design code (CS25) requires a minimum stick force of 222 Newtons to maximum load factor, so neither will replicate the full maneuver envelope for a large aircraft. Also the pitch travel on a Boeing yoke is greater than either. Nevertheless I think the CLS-E would cover most normal flight.

    Just read the specs for the new CLS-E Mk II. Compared to the NG, the Mk II costs 58% more but gives 78% more travel and 175% more force. Seems good value to me.


    Hey mrscott, I’m surprised too! In fact Brunner sales (Mario) suggested I post here for more information. It would have been very helpful to have had some opinions or feedback from Stefan and owners.

    Anyway I’ve taken the plunge and gone for the NEW CLS-E MK II ! The extra travel in pitch, giving smoother control, and extra force in case it’s required for the heavy feel of the 747 were the deciding factors for me. I’ve never been a “launch customer” before 😉 so that will be part of the fun too! Happy days 🙂


    Hi Piers

    Yes it’s a good launch price. The prices do do up quite steeply as the level of force increases so the CLS-E MK II seems a good place to start. I’m not after the exact feel of the 747 just something that says to you you’re flying something big and heavy (and not FBW!). The heaviness of the 747 makes it quite tiring to hand fly over long periods anyway, which would take some of the fun out of sim flying! Cheers


    Hey Traffic,

    I too placed my order on Day 1 for the MKII and Rudder Peddles. Like Piers said, it’s a good value compared to the NG given its specs. According to Stefan, production has started and delivery is 4 to 5 weeks. Can’t wait…wish they were in stock but we will have to wait. I do hope the Peddles will ship immediately as I have none now.


    As of yesterday I am the proud new owner of a CLS-E II yoke!! Plugged it in, ran PSX, calibrated the CLS-E II and hey presto: BIG BIG grin on my face!!! I haven’t got a clue how to set it up so it’s nowhere near being ready to simulate realistic movement but even in that state it was a joy to use. It’s just buttery smooth – my days of flying the 747 with the TM HOTAS joystick with my left hand are over!!!


    Hey Traffic,
    This is truely exciting news indeed. My CLS-E MKII and Rudder Peddles arrive today BUT I won’t be there to enjoy them until Sunday night. That’s okay. I am super Impressed that 1) They shipped as promised, and 2) They shipping method they chose is “2 DAY”. Considering the weight of the both boxes 2-Day shipment from Switzerland to Houston is outstanding. They will be signed for by my Security staff and placed in my Condo safely waiting for me when I arrive.

    Your initial comment is encouraging. I also encourage you to join us at our DISCORD channel. I have managed to pull together at lest 4 Brunner Customers all more than welcome and most excited to have a common place to meet and “TALK” yes Voice Channel communication! about Brunner setup, and fine tuning so, if you’re interested look me up on DISCORD by my USERNAME is MrScott#8569 and I will send you an invite. Love to have all who are interested in helping one another get the most out of their Brunner Porducts.


    Doing that now. Great idea – thanks MrScott

    Yes I was impressed with it being shipped on time: I emailed Brunner on the shipment date and within minutes Daniela had not only replied but the shipping process had begun with UPS – 24 hours later it was up and running!

    For an early heads up, the yoke has holes so that in can be screwed into your desk to secure it in place. There is no clamping mechanism. You might not want to drill holes in your desk of course – I don’t mind that but securing it with screws does make it quite a permanent fixture. Possibly mounting it on a sheet of wood which can then be clamped onto your desk might be an alternative? Or maybe just velcro it? lol




    Hello Traffic
    “Plugged it in, ran PSX, calibrated the CLS-E II and hey presto.

    Do you mean the Aerowinx PSX 747 from Hardy Heinlin. Is this on an Imac or a Window system. What about the CLS2sim software interface/connection with the sim?
    Is this in the vJoy mode?


    Hi jovabra

    Yes I tried it first on PSX 747 running it on a Windows 10 pc. I started the CLS2sim software but didn’t see PSX listed so just jumped in without any changes to settings. Haven’t installed the vJoy driver so that’s not selectable. Is that required to use the yoke with PSX? Long way to go to get it working properly but the smoothness and trimming are fantastic so far.


    Hi Scott. I’ve downloaded Discord but am at a loss as what to do next! My user name is Traffic747.

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