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    I updated to the latest version of cls2sim over the holidays and I get an error message that my Brunner rudder pedals are not licensed for versions of cls2sim with build dates later than mid December 2019. I have searched forums, help documentation and the Brunner website to see how to reset or buy a new license, it seems that when you buy some hardware you get 2 years of software upgrades and then that is it ?!

    Can anyone point me to a solution or will I be stopping with an earlier version of cls2sim ?

    Many thanks.


    Same problem. What’s the solution?

    Anyone from Brunner?

    Diego Bürgin

    Hello everyone

    If you get the error message:
    “Error: This Hardware is licensed for CLS2Sim versions released up to the date…”

    Some early CLS-E devices have License settings with limited CLS2Sim access.

    Follow the next steps:

    Start CLS2Sim.
    If you have autoconnect active in your connection settings, deactivate that.
    In the menu go to “Help” > “Start remote support”.
    Confirm the dialog with yes and our custom Teamviewer module starts.
    Copy the ID

    In our helpdesk (same login as this forum) open a ticket with the following information:
    Subject: CLS-E Rudder License
    The serial number starting with “GER.” from the sticker on the back of your device
    The copied Teamviewer ID

    Leave your machine running for 24 hours at least,
    so we have time to connect to your machine and apply the license.




    I am trying to understand this. I bought my CLS-E yoke back on May 2019. Is Brunner saying that my less than one year old yoke limited access to CLS2SIM upgrades?

    If this is the case, when is the Brunner’s definite cutoff date for CLS2SIM upgrades for CLS-E devices? I thought these products had lifetime functionality support.

    Also, is there another way to upgrade the license? I don’t feel comfortable leaving my machine with open 24 hour access in today’s world.

    Sorry to sound like a pain in the a$$ here, but for some of us, this yoke is not regular play dollars.

    Please advise.


    Hello Captainmd

    Your CLS-E Yoke should not be affected…
    Only some older CLS-E Rudder has this issue (wrong license)

    Stefan Brunner


    Thank you Stefan for the re-assurance.


    Hello Stefan,
    I’m having the same issue with my CLS-E NG yoke, which I just purchased used on eBay for someone upgrading to your professional level equipment.

    Yesterday I followed the directions above and now waiting with the TeamViewer and PC open (since 20:51 ZULU yesterday). But I’m now concerned, as you just sent me an email asking where and when I purchased this?

    Do your products have lifetime functionality support or were they designed for obsolescence after a couple years? — If so, I’ll be returning the Yoke back to the eBay’r I just purchased it from (making him very upset), and definitely reconsidering your devices.

    Please help/advice and correct any misunderstanding over this.
    Best regards,
    Mark Pattison

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    Got a reply from Stefan… My yoke is a 2016 model with a limited 3 year update license. For $150USD they would open license to unlimited via TeamViewer.

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