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    Diego Bürgin

    Hi everyone

    As always on a beta release.


    Make a backup of your CLS2Sim folder, so you can go back to the previous version.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Brunner Elektronik AG\CLS2Sim
    Copy that to somewhere else.

    Notable Changes:

    – Analog inputs have been changed. You will need to re-calibrate your rudder brakes if you have a Brunner pedal.
    The analog input system has changed. Click on the cfg button next to your analog input to open a settings window where you can calibrate, set center pos and set deadzones.

    – Rudder bug when using non-Brunner Rudder Pedals should be fixed.
    To clarify, this is not rudder pedals influencing the yoke.
    This bug relates to Non-Brunner pedals being non-responsive when CLS2Sim is connected.

    – Backlash setting has been changed. If you previously had the value 0.3, then its now 0.003.

    Problems I’m working on:
    – Non brunner Rudder pedals influencing the yoke in the sim.
    – AP and trim behavior in Prepar3D v3, v4.5, v5 (I’m using v4.5 to test)
    Also MFSX and MFS2020. Specifically the oscillation problem.

    Please try this build and see if you still have the rudder problem:

    If you experience a problematic behavior, reply here with the following:

    – A description of the problem.

    – If possible simple steps to reproduce.
    An example for the AP: What buttons in what order do you press to get to the specific AP mode you have the problem with.

    – Upload a zip file of your settings folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Brunner Elektronik AG\CLS2Sim\Settings)



    for me the rudder problem isn’t solved with this Beta version. As long as I move the Saitek Rudder pedals, the Yoke in the Cockpit also moves to the center position and if I stop moving the pedals (at any position) the Yoke goes back to the forward position.

    Must say, I’m using the “Yoke is pulled forward by Elevator weight” setting in CLS2Sim.
    Attached my settings folder.


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    a)When using MSFS 2020 (CLS-E rudder still needs to be connected via its own USB to be recognized by MSFS):

    • I’m getting a message box that says “Exception received: 3” when MSFS is not in “Ready to fly” state (and that’s probably a normal temporary debugging message).
    • I’m getting a warning “Homing Error Current Limit2 @Elevator(2)” during CLS-E Yoke initialization (this message doesn’t show with CLS2Sim release version).
    • It’s really very hard to move the yoke backward or forward (Elevator axis) but turning is quite normal (maybe I missed some setting specific to this beta version???).

    I clearly prefer to still use the release version (now that MS fixed their SimConnect issue).

    b)I made a couples of flights with ProSim 737-800 (CLS2Sim beta set for using LM Prepar3D with “Force map vJoy…” unchecked and rudder attached to its own USB and noticed no difference.

    c)Now I’ll try a flight with the “famous” King Air 350i to see if it flies better when AP is inserted then I’ll let you know.

    Thank You,



    No change when King Air 350i AP is inserted: I still need to disconnect P3D from CLS2Sim.

    Best regards,


    Diego Bürgin

    Do you have the checkbox “Disable AP on overpower” deactivated in CLS2Sim?
    Best Regards
    Edit: Sorry, dumb question, I’ll check in the settings you attached.


    Hello Diego,

    any news on the MSFS rudder problem? Is it possible that you can fix this problem with CLS2Sim or will we have to wait for a solution from MS/Asobo?

    Best regards,

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