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    Hi all,

    Unable to install this version. I have all virus protections turned off. Gets about half way through then stalls.
    What now?


    Worked fine over here so looks like it’s something over at your end.

    Anyone knows where to find the changelog for the new version?


    Both download and changelog is on this page:

    Click on the button to load the content from

    Load content

    I had to previously roll back to a quite old version to avoid problems when X-Plane have too high FPS (who would have thought such a thing could happen?). I tried the new one, and those problems seem to be gone, but I had major issues with the rudders – they are rolling back and forth by themselves seemingly without provocation. I at least don’t understand what triggers them. Also I more often lost connection to my trim wheel after that update.

    Back to the old software for now, until the Brunner-folks are back from vacation. 😉


    That’s interesting! I know little about computers and software. How do I roll back to a previous version? And what number would that be? I am only using MSFS2020. I too have had rudder problems.


    Rolling back is simple if you have kept the previous installers. I didn’t, so I needed to get older software sent to me.

    See this thread:

    Frequently loosing connection to X-Plane


    Got it, thanks. I will do some digging in downloads.



    have a new computer and use CLS2SIM so far ok but have only default profile available.
    So I wanted to access/download profiles from the profile cloud, but that creates continuous Error message: see attached

    I also started CLS2SIM as Administrator and reinstalled CLS2SIM but same result.
    Please advice


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    I don’t have the default profile any longer, where did it go? I don’t see it available in the profile cloud. Tried again to download and install v.5.1.9 with no result. Hangs up during the install phase. Above you can read that Brunner staff are on holidays. Perhaps they are back now and can respond. I would file a ticket, but it won’t let me click “not a robot”.


    holidays are stated to end until August. Still waitung for an answer to my ticket/question (see above)

    Error message gone after reset of win11 but downloading of any profile from the cloud persists not working.

    Diego Bürgin

    We have located the problem and are working on a fix. Will release new version asap.

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