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    How do I address the issue that my yoke is having no effect on the Cows DA 42 aircraft I just bought for MSFS 2020?


    I will summarize a couple of important things that I have learned after a LOT of testing/usage w/ the COWS DA42.
    – Other users reported (and I confirmed) that you have to set aileron and elevator axis in MSFS for the Brunner yoke (I’m using CLS-E NG).
    – BUT, I learned the hard way that the additional thing that needs to be done, is to go into the CLS2SIM profile that you use for the DA42 (need a unique one as you don’t want to make this change for other aircraft in MSFS), and uncheck pitch and roll checkboxes under the AP tab. I did not take this second step initially and things were working well, UNTIL I armed HDG on the ground before takeoff on a flight, and then when in the air I armed AP and the plane went into an uncontrolled extreme turn not stopping at the HDG bug.

    My theory is that in the case of HDG armed on the ground, that there are conflicting controls fighting against each other, or a conflict of some form, when activating MSFS roll and pitch axis within the game. Unfortunately, unchecking the two boxes means that the yoke will not respond to the AP related pitch and roll changes … this is disappointing.

    Other Brunner users have been asking about this in the COWS discord, and I have been very active about the above issue. One option is just not to arm HDG on the ground. But it’s desirable to do that because it reduces task saturation on takeoff and is a best practice.

    Tell you what, I will load my DA42 Brunner profile up to the Brunner profile cloud so you can pull it down and take a look. You’ll note that I still have various other things active such as turbulence, prop effect, etc.

    Hope this is of value. I hang out in the COWS discord, see you there.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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