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    Testing the latest software update which incorporates a beta version of FFB for DCS world.
    this is a collection of all my experiences so far so other players can benefit while dealing with beta software if they so incline. Be aware that the software is a start and by no means acting 100 percent as it should be. Note that its BETA.

    windows 10
    latest signed vjoy driver which can be used with the windows 10 upgrade of this year.
    clssim2 4.32.3 beta
    firmware 409
    MongoosT50cm2 stick with 12,5 cm extension

    High fidelity modules like the F-14 tomcat and the P51-d have amazing ffb as it is now. although sometimes. usually with starting the plane, the ground shake is exagerated alot. pausing the game won’t help. the stick rocks violently and i have to throttle up and roll a bit so the brunner software gets the correct data i guess. then all is back to normal. If you are fiddling with your axis though because of new hardware this is not doable. I need to alt tab and disconnect the software from brunner and get the sim axis sorted first so i can actually throttle up and get the plane moving.

    older modules like the su-27 etc have rough ffb but this is probably due to bad ffb coding at the time.

    now on to the software itself.
    since it being an early iteration i guess some things are a bit buggy or overlooked. no biggie im stoked they are getting support for different sims!

    I did suffer from ghost hardware trim binds which i couldnt get rid of though. when connected to dcs world beta and editing my profile the button lists were all empty but some were still outputting hardware trim functions. i could get rid of it by going to the “empty” bind and selecting a new function and apply and then set back to empty again and apply.

    But editting my profiles again i could only select from 6 different options. unbound/usb hid, trim elevator up, trim elevator down, trim airelon left, trim airelon right and trim reset.

    binding cyclic trim functions ie “release air/el” are missing from the selection list. so i lost my way to trim a chopper.

    found a work around though.
    when i want to make a change to the trim buttons I disconnect from dcs world beta and connect to x-plane. then in the profiles i see exactly what is bind and I can change the trim hardware buttons. and then i connect back to dcs world beta. in the profile it still seems as if nothing is bound but the trim hardware buttons work anyway which i setup when connected to x-plane.

    Furthermore ffb should be possible with other games now. the way to do it was to connect to ’emulate USB hid joystick’ but up on connecting it gave the error this device does not support usb emulation, please select a different operation mode.

    I got word back from support and they gave me a workaround:

    Close CLS2Sim
    Open CLS2Sim installation folder.
    Open Settings folder
    Open connection.stx with editor.
    Find line with “APP_VJOY_FORCE_ENABLE_AXES”
    in next line set


    Save and close.
    Open CLS2Sim and select DCS Beta as Sim.

    I got it working with this flying il2 cliffs of dover. I didnt notice any ffb effects in il2 Battle of stalingrad though. but im not entirely sure if and how its implemented although i see a ton of functions in game to adjust the ffb.
    Its a busy period at the moment for brunner so a software update could take a while to get it all functioning as it should be so in the meantime people who want to experiment with ffb in other genres can hopefully use the info i layed out here.

    Best regards,



    So far, I haven’t been able to get FFB working with the new beta. I keep getting a ‘Blocking Operation’ error. I’m do have Win 10 home, but I’m trying the newest vJoy with the signed driver.

    I’m going to try uninstalling, and starting everything from scratch to see if I messed something up.

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    Hmm I seem to get those from time to time. But are you certain you actually enabled ffb in the dcs settings? I forgot to do that at first lol.


    Hi kingpinda,

    I did have ffb enabled in DCS, but no joy on my previous install.

    After re-installing CLS2 and the new version of vJoy from scratch, per the install instructions from Brunner, I was able to get effects in DCS in the P-51. I also have a Jetseat from Andre, which I did not have enabled when I tested, and just realized, that may be a conflict.

    I’ll test it again today if I get a chance, and verify if both can be working at the same time.


    After further testing, all is working great! I can use my Jetseat, and have the FFB in the CLS-E concurrently.

    Is there a list of FFB effects that are available in the DCS version of CLS2Sim? I noticed that the selectable effects that are there for Prepar3d and Xplane are missing for DCS.


    Also, any chance of allowing an outside input affect hardware trim? For example, a button on the Warthog throttle?


    Yeah that is something I would like to see as well. Better yet keyboard combo’s.

    Also a keyboard combo to “pauze/shutdown” ffb behavior. Failsafe combo. There is no deadmansswitch like on the Logitech g940 where when you let go of the stick/sensor it would cease ffb functions do not to Harm the device or yourself.


    Thanks for setting up this forum Kingpinda, I have also not been able to get the FFB to work.


    Hi, I am having the same issue with blocking requests and cannot connect to DCS despite reinstalling both CLS2sim and Vjoy update.
    I am on FW 383 which may be why. Can someone please post a link for FW 409 or later for the CLS-E stick and Canopen? Thanks all!


    putting in a support ticket with brunner will make sure you get the correct firmware free of any virusses etc. but i read in another thread you got it working. Thats awsome. was it indeed the firmware? or another issue?



    Open a ticket we will send you the links for the firmware

    Stefan Brunner


    So, is the Windows vs. 1903 issue still an issue? My computer is using Win 10 Home, so I had no choice, the 1903 update happened. I’m getting the Blocking error again, after I had everything working.

    I’ve updated to the latest CLS2 release, and I’ve followed all the previous instructions installing vJoy, and the DCS Plugin.

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