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    NO SDK or API available for this software
    You can use it with “Emulate USB HID jostick”

    See also here

    What is “Emulate USB HID jostick”
    When “Emulate USB HID joystick” is selected, the simulator part of the application will be deactivated and all control inputs will be sent to the USB joystick for use with third-party software.
    No simulation information will be interpreted, dynamic functions such as autopilot or force change with airspeed are deactivated.
    Trimming works, but will not be sent to the simulation.
    Select Hardware Trim for enabling the Trim function


    DCS World is now supported in CLS2Sim


    IL-2 now exports telemetry for motion sims and sim shaker. Maybe be able to implement FFB.


    Hello I am new here,
    I just found Brunner by accident and I am interested to purchase the FFB Base for my Joystick. I use a Thrustmaster A-10 HOTAS Warthog stick now. I am really missing the Force Feedback, even I never experienced one on my Computer ( I am in real life an Airline Pilot ), I only know how the real controls feel in a real Aircraft.

    I am flying ONLY Warbirds on my PC at home. Only IL-2 “Great Battles” and DCS World.
    I have read here that DCS is implemented now already in the Brunner FFB Software CLS2Sim. How About IL-2 Great Battles?? Does IL-2 send API now that your FFB Software works?

    Is here any user of the Brunner Joystick who can provide Feedback how the FFB feels and work in DCS in a F-14 for exapmle? How is your experience.
    I don´t want to spend my Money before I know that it works and that it is worth.

    thanks and best regards Joerg


    Hi Joerg
    DCS Word works
    -Dynamic Forces
    -Hardware Trim
    -Some effects

    IL-2 Great Battles (no api available)
    -Will work but only static Feedback and Hardware Trim


    Stefan Brunner


    I believe IL-2 does have an API available, since patch 3.012.
    “6. UDP output API for moving platform simulators was added, details are in attached document; “


    Only motion output, not for Control Loading
    Stefan Brunner


    Hello Stefan Brunner,

    thanks very much for the answer, I just saw it now. Sad to hear that IL-2 does not work due to missing API.

    Best regards Joerg


    Hi! I have been following the developments for a while because I would be really interested in buying this but I mainly fly in IL-2 BoS.
    Is there any news on whether DirectX support is on the works? Thanks in advance!


    When installing ‘DCS World Plugin Installer’ I get the message ‘DCS World not found. Aborting.’
    I use DCS on a non-Admin Windows User and have it installed on a non-standard drive and folder.
    ‘E:\Flight\Jets\DCS World’
    The installer also does not give the option to browse to the DCS installation folder or Saved Games/DCS folder.


    Did you ever find a solution to this Shrimp? I have the exact same issue.


    Update: This directory must exist and then it installs fine.

    C:\Users\<user>\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts

    If you are like me and have personal folders linked to a non-OS drive for ease of back-up, the installer will not be able to find it.


    Yes I found a solution.
    I opened the file ‘DCS World plugin installer’ with 7-Zip and extracted the contents of ‘$PLUGINSDIR’ to ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Brunner Elektronik AG\CLS2Sim’ and the contents of ‘$PROFILE\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts’ to ‘C:\Users\<user>\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts’.

    Please beware that if you also have Tacview and/or DCS SRS installed each will have it’s own line of code in the file ‘Export.lua’. I added the line with Notepad++.


    Question: So for IL-2 Great Battles what do we need ask Jason Willams for so this can be compatible?



    When can we expect DCS Plugin to interact with in-sim trims?

    It is a must have feature.


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