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    Have you thought of allowing different feed back based on the surface.

    A2A accufeel does this very well and wondered if it could be implemented to feedback on the yoke?

    SIMCONNECT outputs the ground type os it shouldn’t be too much of an issue?

    If I’m on the tarmac and roll onto the grass there is no change in the feel, which isn’t very realistic and having just one value bumpy to even isn’t Very flexible.

    Would be a welcomed addition

    Surface types…
    Type of surface:
    0 = Concrete
    1 = Grass
    2 = Water
    3 = Grass_bumpy
    4 = Asphalt
    5 = Short_grass
    6 = Long_grass
    7 = Hard_turf
    8 = Snow
    9 = Ice
    10 = Urban
    11 = Forest
    12 = Dirt
    13 = Coral
    14 = Gravel
    15 = Oil_treated
    16 = Steel_mats
    17 = Bituminus
    18 = Brick
    19 = Macadam
    20 = Planks
    21 = Sand
    22 = Shale
    23 = Tarmac
    24 = Wright_flyer_track



    I’ve done some more testing on this and have found you do have surface type specific feedback. Only No# 10 Urban doesn’t seem to feedback. A lot of grass surfaces around my airports I’m testing on are grass, but display SURFACE TYPE = 10.

    I’m not 100% sure what Microsoft meant by Urban, but I’m not sure no feedback is right ? is there anyway I can get No# 10 Urban feedback to be more like grass ?


    Diego Bürgin

    Hi Daz

    In the profile manager in the “General” tab, set “Force min” to a non-zero value and you should feel the Urban surface too.
    Surfaces in CLS2Sim are limited to two groups, even and bumpy surfaces. The “Force min” setting mostly affects the even surfaces,
    while the “Force max” setting affects the bumpy ones.

    With a “Force min” set to 50, you should feel the urban ground type clearly.



    Ummm, but wont that change mean asphalt and concrete then also becomes equally more bumpy?, when I don’t want even surface forces to change as I have those just right (barely noticable in a 737).

    Shouldn’t Urban be treated as a bumpy surface ?

    Shame it’s not customizable

    I’ll have a play with the settings you suggested tonight, thanks for the input…

    Regards Daz


    unfortunately as expected that didn’t work for me. It just increased the runway to the same level. while my “urban” grass is now bumpy so are my runways !

    I want a very gentle feedback like min/max = 20 on runway and bumpy on urban grass like normal grass is currently.

    The ground feedback could do with a little fine tuning. having one bumpy to even slider doesn’t give us much control.

    you could remove the bumpy <-> even slider and turn that into a gain control slider where you set the end point increase/decrease to values, then allow individual setting for ground types. Or at least allow us to define what ground surface types go into what group (Even, Medium, Bumpy)

    Regards Daz

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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