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    Hello to all

    The title says all:
    Will the CLSIM software in the future include a function to relate the yoke’s pitch force to the actual G load Factor, knowing that the pull force increases greatly when doing steep turns IRL (it becomes noticeable when bank angle>20° in GA aircraft)?
    Maybe it’s me but I feel that this behaviour is not taken (yet) into acount in the current version of the software.

    AFAIK, Yoke force is related to:
    – airspeed (at least deviation from required trim speed), which is already taken into account by the software (airspeed squared)
    – power augmentation or reduction
    – current flaps settings, that induces a longitudinal change of Center of pressure position, thus the arm betwwen it and the center of Gravity
    – G-load, be it when changing attitude (pull-up from descent to level flight for example) or during level turns.

    Loosely one can assume that Yoke force = (trim_speed – airspeed) + (flap setting) + (power setting) + (g_load)

    We already know that load factor is (among other factors) related to bank angle with the load factor n being n=1/cos(bank angle).

    As the CLS-E is used for real training, I think this feature would be definitely a plus. may I suggest this feature be added?
    I also know that, at least for XPlane and FSX/P3D, the sim returns the actual GForce load (through the Simconnect ACCELERATION BODY Y for example in FSX), so I think it maybe worth a try?

    As a former CFI and a pilot IRL I would be delighted to help if you want to go this route, so to have the software closer to the real thing.



    Any response to this please Brunner? I would like to see this functionality also.


    Hi guys

    The G load Factor is planned for a next release probably V4.4


    Stefan Brunner


    Stefan, has the G load Factor been introduced and if not is this still intended?


    Hi Bill

    Good news…
    G-Forces are already implemented (only X-Plane for now) but not uploaded yet
    We will release this end of August

    If you open a ticket in helpdesk i can send you a link for Beta download version for testing


    Stefan Brunner


    Thanks Stefan for the quick response and the ‘Good News’
    I have opened a ticket as requested.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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