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    Dear owners,

    I am about to pull to order the CLS-E yoke/rudder combo but I can hardly find sufficient information from the rudder owners. Pls share your experience WRT the rudder and whether it is a game changing compared to non FF ones.

    I have heard that there are problems with X-plane with dual props when there is an engine failure. Is it solved now?

    I have seen people say the yoke is the best upgrade they did on their sim but can’t find such a statement when it comes to the rudder.

    On a side note, has compatibility with MJC Q400 been resolved WRT/ rudder or yoke? My question is do these work normally outside not moving when A/P is on? I mean is there still FF action when taking off or landing manually? Or don’t they simply not work at all.

    I hope someone can enlighten me pls…

    Fly safe!


    It looks like you purchased the rudder. Now that you have one, can you please provide some insight to enlighten the rest of those looking to purchase?


    Hi There!

    I did buy the Yoke and rudder and to be honest and contrary to my expectations I do love the rudder even more than the yoke! It is an extremely versatile tool which can make or act as anything of any caliper.
    It can be made soft, hard, harder, self centering or not (if you like to fly helicopters), movable with trim or not, vibrate with engine through different frequency and amplitude based on RPM and so much more features through its outstanding software!!

    Of course no need to mention it is rock solid!! no spring centering plastic saitek stuff!

    Be prepared to mounnt it on a MDF sheet or something of at least 19 mm and make sure the sheet is stuck against a wall or something as this thing can be made to require strong forces (or not) 😉

    Let me know if I could be of any further help… I know your feelings as I have been there too.


    Thanks very much for the feedback. Sorry for taking so long to acknowledge it! I’ve been on the road a lot over the past 6 weeks.
    I did spring for the stick but as much as I wanted the rudder I just couldn’t justify the combo purchase right now. I feel I’ll have one down the road!
    Thanks again,


    Thanks for the info. I too am considering the package and could not verify the Rudder Peddles were indeed FF like the yoke – makes sense it would be. The other question I have is their warranty and return policy. At this price point, and caliber of product, I would think it would carry a substantial warranty. As for returns, one never knows if a product will be an ideal fit and if a return is desired, what costs, if any outside of shipping, would be imposed.



    So here is my initial impressions of the CLS-E rudder pedals:

    I just received them yesterday and its my 1st time using a Brunner product, my initial reaction upon taking it out of the box is wow, this thing feels solid! Everything I could see is made of metal and looks like something you would expect in a professional training device…built to last. Based on my 1st tests, the feel of the pedals is very good, there is a slight mechanical feel (even when un-powered and no force) to them when you move them which is different from what you feel in a spring-loaded device, but despite this the movement is very smooth and fluid. What I really like about them is they can be made to be VERY strong. At the max force, they are very hard to move and you must have something holding your chair in place or else you will slide backwards. Having many hours experience flying real airplanes, I can say that most mainstream devices come nowhere close to replicating the forces you feel in reality, Brunner is the closest I’ve seen. The pedals have very good travel range and precision, this means keeping the plane coordinated is much more natural due to the better travel distance of the pedals (finer control) and higher forces (you aren’t prone to over-correct) I also want to say that the 1st time you set it up you might get frustrated because you have to follow the steps carefully to get it up and running and you might think that initially the feeling is not to your liking on your 1st try. The thing to note is that the software is very powerful and once you take the time and patience to setup a profile and tweak it, you will get desired results. The software can literally make the thing give any feel you want and its fun to play around with different settings. Now I am just waiting for my CLS-E MKII yoke to ship, looking forward for that one!

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