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    I recently installed the NGXu 737 from PMDG. Will there be a profile update from Brunner for the new update from PMDG?

    When I have the autopilot engaged the yoke does not move with the yoke of the aircraft?

    I am using the PMDG profile and it was working on the Old NGX PMDG 737


    On 2019/11/10 i wrote a ticket about this PMDG 737 NGXU problem.
    Until now no reaction. :-((
    John v Braam


    Hopefully we see some information on how to make this work. Tried to add the SDK entry to the NGXu. No luck.


    Would love to see support for this as well.

    Diego Bürgin

    Hi everyone

    We currently do not support the PMDG 737 NGXU.
    I have made a brief check on the API. Unfortunately it’s not going to be a 5 minute fix to get it working.
    I must warn you that this will most probably not change until end of Q1 2020.
    I have added this as a task to the issue list, but cannot make any promises about feasibility or timeline.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


    It’s a answer but not the one we are waiting for.


    Thank you for the update Diego. Appreciate all your hard work. Has Brunner started on MSFS 2020 integration at all?


    Great question! I can only deduce 1) Of course Brunner will be active with MSFS2020. They stated so in the New MKII product data sheet. 2) Brunner must have a significant share of the professional (Level D) business worldwide, and to have brought a consumer affordable product line to bare is a smart business decision. Most every Professional Pilot has time in a Level D trainer. Many Professional Pilots use home trainer/Sim rigs too so who would you gravitate to if you had a choice of a traditional flight sim yoke or a high quality, precision control loading device?


    Any updates on when we might see support for this?


    I too would like to see the NGXu integrated.



    I am a new customer, just bought their whole set (MKII with the rudder pedal system).
    Well. what read here so far is NOT SO PROMISSING GENTLEMEN @ BRUNNER.
    We customers are spending thousands of Euros / Dollars and the Support is such worse ?
    I must read here as a new member several posts about a low qualitity support….
    May I ask you directly Mario (Brunner) what is now the substation of the MKII and it’s following of the AUTOPILOT?
    Simulators are used Prepar3d and MSFS2020 with PROSIM737…
    THANKS !!!


    Hi all,
    Until now no any improvement about the PMDG 737-800 NGXu. Only the 737-800NGX.
    Without any modification the Leonardo-Maddog works without problems (Prepar3dV5.1)
    also the ZIBO 737-800 (X-Plane)
    And for the MSFS202 no experience at all.
    It is a disaster to experience how BRUNNER handles its after sale service. All this with the integration of their hardware into the flightsim software. All software/hardware designers are usually helpful to find an acceptable solution.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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