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    Hi all! I am looking at ordering a Brunner yoke here very soon. I have a question that may be simple to answer; however, I have not hit upon a solution yet. How do you know to tune the Brunner software for a plane if you have not flown the RL version and there is no profile? Does that question make sense? For example, it would not make sense to use a GA profile for a commercial jet. For example, there is no profile for an E175 or 195. How would I, or you, go about creating a profile for a plane that has no profile?

    I appreciate any advice,
    Ed Smoker Sr.


    You create a profile you think is realistic and makes sense.

    Or better, invite a friend over with experience from the real aircraft. That’s what I did when setting up my yoke for the 73 NG.


    So, that is a conundrum though. What/how would you know if it is realistic? Having someone who can come and assist is an advantage. In a vacuum though, how would one know? This question is actually my final concern. I am certain there must be a reasonable solution. Guessing is a fine suggestion, I certainly thank you for offering it. Unfortunately, it is no more accurate than using a single GA profile for any GA. I am sure you get the point. I can feel the way a Piper Cherokee flys because I fly one, and it is not the way a Skyhawk flies.


    Not sure what other options would be available, maybe find some technical information online telling you exactly how much force is required along each axis at a certain weight etc.

    I think what you need to appreciate is Brunner will give you the tools to have a realistic experience both in hardware and software but you need to know how to use them. Unless someone else with that knowledge for a certain aircraft type already shared it with the community in a profile uploaded to the Brunner Cloud.


    Yes, that is an accurate observation of any software or hardware, I agree. Trying to use technical data as well as input from first hand experience are both sources that I came up with. Just to be clear, I am not saying there is a flaw with the Brunner in any way, shape, or capacity. What I am saying is, I am only one person. One person means a finite number of ideas. I am asking for input to see if there is a novel idea which I would not have deduced on my own. I have already decided to purchase the unit.


    I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with your Brunner yoke. Had mine for many years now and it’s still like new and reminds me more of an industrial piece of equipment more than a “game controller”. It’s in a total different league than other yokes I used in the past. Which of course it should be considering the price vs those other controllers I’ve used.

    Good luck and happy flying!


    Thank you! I am certainly looking forward to it; and, to getting a closer to life feel for the Piper Warrior. Now, if Justflight would address the flight dynamic issues. I would be in heaven.


    So that I am clear, I live in the U.S., I will not need an adapter to plug it in because an adaptor is included in the box. Is that correct or has anything changed?


    My yoke came with the adapters. I’m in the US as well

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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