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    Might be totally unrelated but still wanted to ask trying to figure out what’s causing it.

    I just started playing around with XP11 and I have this tiny white cross-hair constantly in the center of the screen moving with my view. I get this both on a 2D display but in VR using FlyInside it’s even more annoying since the cross-hair will be bigger just like everything else when you’re running in VR.

    Someone over in the forums told me it could be because XP11 doesn’t realize I have a controller connected and thus has put me in some kind of ‘Fly with mouse’ mode. Haven’t figured out yet though how to verify if that is the case and if so…how to disable it.

    Reason for me posting about this in here is because the CLS-E yoke doesn’t show up in the list of available controllers inside XP11 which in turn of course is because it’s using its own plugin. This was also the case in P3D. Maybe this is what is causing XP11 not to think I have a controller connected and for that reason has forced this ‘Fly with mouse’ mode to become enabled.

    Anyone else seen this in XP11 and found a way to get rid of the cross-hair?


    For anyone else with the same issue I found out with help from someone else that you need to “fake” doing a calibration of the vJoy device in XP.

    This since the actual CLS-E yoke doesn’t show up in the list of available controllers and with no device controlling the pitch and roll axes XP will think you’re controlling the aircraft with your mouse and keyboard and hence this white little cross.



    Seems to be an X-Plane 11 bug..
    CLS2Sim disable the USB axis (Pitch, Roll & Yaw) as soon CLS2Sim connect to X-Plane
    So X-Plane knows there is an external Yoke or Rudder

    Map Pitch and Roll to vJoy…
    The mapping will be ignored as soon you connect to CLS2Sim

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