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    Good evening all,

    I recently purchased CLS-E Yoke and got it working fine for the Airfoil Labs and Default C172 SP in X Plane 11. However, I downloaded a profile from the Profile Cloud for the Airfoil Labs C172SP that included stick shaking and turbulence. Upon using this profile, I found that the stick shaker would activate whenever the yoke was not either fully depressed or fully elevated (min and max pitch respectively). This would get worse as a one point, it would just become extremely violent and unstoppable without powering off the yoke, even if disconnected.

    To test if this is caused by the stick shaker function, I started with my aircraft (airfoil labs and default C172 SP) in the air, while exceeding 55 Kts, the stick shaker did not engage.

    Due to this I switched back to my other profiles, however the issue remained. I have since reinstalled the program, wiped all of my profiles and started with a fresh install and yet the issue continues. I currently have nothing enabled except the default C172 SP profile and the autopilot changes for trim (as per the help files).

    Just to note, when reinstalling the CLS2Sim software, I made sure to delete the remaining folder after the uninstallation was complete before reinstalling.

    If anyone has any tips or advice, it would be appreciated.

    Yoke/Software Details:
    CLS2Sim Version: 4.2.0
    CLS-E Yoke Firmware: 347
    Simulator: X-Plane; 11, Version; 11.05r2, Build; 110501 64-bit.
    Aircraft: Default Cessna 172SP, Airfoil Labs Cessna 172SP.




    Hi MapleWheels

    I could not reproduce your behavior, but dit some changes in the Cessna 172 SP profile
    Can you download Revision 4 and test.

    Can you also try following if the issue still remains.
    1. Initialize the yoke without CLS2Sim and Simulator
    2. Move the elevator min and max pitch and check if it starts to vibrate, it should not
    3. Connect CLS2Sim and disable the Stick Shaker, try again

    Tell me your results


    Stefan Brunner


    Dear Mr. Brunner,

    Thank you for your help. Listed below are the steps and actions taken and the observed results.

    1. Put the CLS-E Yoke into “Power Off” setting.
    2. Opened the CLS2Sim application.
    3. Opened the Profile Manager > Profile Cloud; Downloaded Revision 4 of the C172SP profile.
    4. Selected and loaded the profile.
    5. Initialized the CLS-E Yoke.
    6. Started X-Plane 11; loaded into Airfoil Labs Cessna 172 SP at Aerodome “CNC3”.
    7. With engine off, tested Full Pitch and Roll travel along the yoke.
    —-Result: >The Center point (rest position) of the yoke is 50% travel (midway) for both pitch and roll.
    ————->Elevator weight function does not seem to be working.
    ————->When attempting pitch and roll movements, the amount of force is linear and unchanging.
    ————->No noticeable stick shaking.
    8. Started the engine; set RPM=2000. Tested Pitch and Roll movements.
    —-Result: >No observable changes in Yoke behaviour.
    9. set Engine; Full Power.
    —-Result: >No observable changes in Yoke behaviour.
    10. Takeoff from aerodome, climb to 4,500 ASL @29.92 inHG.
    11. Perform power on stall test:
    —-Steps: 1. Straight and level flight.
    ————2. Set pitch to +5°.
    ————3. Set power to idle, hold altitude while gradually increasing pitch; maximum +20° pitch.
    ————4. At under 40 Kts; set RPM=1500-1800, increase pitch to 25°, hold until stall warning.
    ————5. Use rudder to increase roll over from prop and cause a stall.
    —-Results: >Stick shaker activates; shaking is subtle and short lasting.
    ————–>As airspeed increases, the Yoke becomes harder to move/manipulate.
    ————–>The effects of elevator trim and airspeed are present.
    12. Perform a standard landing.
    —-Results: >As speed goes below approximately 20 Kts; violent stick shaking begins and does not stop until Yoke is set to “Power Off” on yoke handle menu.
    ————–>After “Power On”, the yoke will continue to violently shake if not kept in either 0% travel (max downward pitch) or 100% travel (max upward pitch).
    ————–>Maximum strength vibration is felt at 50% travel (centered).
    13. Complete restart of the CLS2Sim software nor disabling the “Stick Shaker” option has any effect on this behaviour.
    14. Upon takeoff, the stick shaking effect stops. The effect is observed once again during stalls as per the procedures described above.

    As for your suggestions here are the results, using your corresponding step numbers:
    1. In this state, the Yoke is centered (50% pitch and roll). The Yoke displays linearly increasing force as it travels or rotates.
    2. There are no vibrations as per the state above.
    3. See Step #13 above.

    Edit: Post formatting is somewhat broken for me it seems. Cannot do indents.
    I forgot to mention, these problems only began after loading the following profile from the Profile Cloud: “Airfoil Labs 172 (With Turbulances) – Wayne McConnell”. Even after unloading the profile, the issues remained. Before this, the stick shaking issue did not occur.




    Hi MapleWheels

    Can you open a ticket at our new helpdesk under


    We will send you a link for CLS2Sim V4.3 Beta for test

    Your tests…
    As for your suggestions here are the results, using your corresponding step numbers:
    1. In this state, the Yoke is centered (50% pitch and roll). The Yoke displays linearly increasing force as it travels or rotates.
    2. There are no vibrations as per the state above.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>The yoke seems to be ok…


    Stefan Brunner


    Dear Mr.Brunner,

    As per your request, a ticket is now open.




    Hi MapleWheels

    Diego send you the link in the ticket


    Stefan Brunner



    For all those who come across this thread in the future. The issue was resolved in the ticket submitted to the helpdesk.

    The issues were caused by some oddities in the default settings for the Yoke that only manifested themselves due to my particular simulator setup. The issues were fixed by a combination of an update to the firmware and the CLS2Sim application.

    Thanks again to Brunner for the extremely responsive and quality support.




    Thanks for the feedback


    Stefan Brunner


    I’ve experienced the same kind of violent shaking a couple of times.

    Would you care to share the actual solutions and/or the default settings that need to be changed to stop this from happening?

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