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    Just did a clean install of my PC and part of this was to reinstall CLS2Sim. Noticed how the vJoy driver wasn’t installed automatically as part of the installation. I think it used to be like that but I might remember incorrectly.

    Anyway, I found a shortcut under Brunner on the Windows Start menu but that shortcut didn’t work. When I checked the patch to vJoySetup.exe which is the correct name of the setup file, found under …\Brunner Elektronik AG\CLS2Sim\Virtual joystick driver, I noticed how the shortcut created by the installation of CLS2Sim, that one was referring to another file name with a specific version in its name.

    Very minor thing but still wanted to mention it since it should be very easy to fix in an upcoming version of CLS2Sim.

    Diego Bürgin

    Thank you for catching that.
    I’ll include it in the hotfix that will be uploaded later today.


    Now I’m adding a more serious issue, I can’t get the installation of vJoy to finish. It just hangs during the installation where the only option is to end the process via Task Manager.

    This is using the version of vJoy that comes with CLS 4.29.0 and my Windows version is 10.0.19042.844.


    Wow you’re fast Diego 🙂

    Sounds good!

    As for the other issue just added where the installation of vJoy didn’t finish successfully. Looks like it’s still installed. Because I just restarted my PC and looking under installed programs via Windows Control Panel, I see vJoy in the list and launching CLS2Sim and checking the Buttons tab, it states Virtual Joystick Driver is installed.

    So I guess the installation did finish successfully. Only that the installation for whatever wasn’t able to realize and tell me that…?


    Saw how the shortcut now looks correct after updating to the latest version.

    Brilliant 👌

    Diego Bürgin

    Hi Webmaximus

    vJoy since old times had that problem, that on some machines/installations the installation succeeded but the installer hung up after installing the driver.
    Kill the installer, restart and check if vJoy is installed. (Always successful in my experience)

    CLS2Sim 4.29.3 is now out, where the link is fixed.
    (Additionally the reconnection interval can now be configured.)



    Hi Diego,

    Yep, all good and now that you mention it, I do recall having this issue in the past and even found my old post.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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