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    Sorry this is long.

    Let me start by saying Your CLSE base is the finest, most accurate simulator joystick I’ve ever put my hands on.

    I am using the Virpil T-50-CM2 grip.
    CLS2Sim v4.23.3
    Firmware v412 for Pitch and Roll
    Windows 10 Home/64
    I am not using FSUIPC

    When pressing certain buttons while moving an axis on my joystick, random actions occur if that action is assigned to a joystick button.
    For example, I have my Hat Switch 1 assigned to View (pan). If the flip trigger is in the down position (logical button 28 pressed), moving the axes of the joystick will pan my view. This also occurs if logical buttons 1,2,4 or 29 are pressed while you move an axis. If I remove the View (pan) assignment from Hat Switch 1, the behavior stops.
    Likewise if I have a sim event assigned to logical button 17, that event can occur when I move the aircraft axes with the brake lever pressed (logical button 27) I.E. with spoilers extend/retract assigned to button 17, the spoilers can extend/retract if the brake lever is pressed while moving an axis. If pause is assigned to button 17, the sim can pause under the same circumstances.
    Other random actions have occurred as well but I haven’t mapped each event. These are just two instances that occur consistently.
    I have attempted to duplicate these behaviors using my CM-2 grip with my Virpil T-50 CM-2 base. They work together without incident.
    My Warthog stick works on the Brunner base without incident.
    I have followed your instructions for testing using P3D’s default f-22 with the default CLS2sim profile. All 32 buttons are set as Not Bound in CLS2sim. I have no other physical joysticks connected. VJoy shows up in P3D controls but has no axis or button assignments. I have Thrustmaster TPR rudders and a Virpil Throttle attached as well. All connections are correct and secure.
    I hope you have some advice to get the CM-2 grip and Brunner Base working together.

    Don Spence


    Hello Don

    You need to select the used Grip in CLS2Sim and then it should work
    see attached pictures


    Stefan Brunner

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    Hello Mr. Brunner

    I have been selecting the appropriate grip and closing and reopening CLS2Sim and repowering the Brunner base IAW the instructions. When I opened CLS2Sim to check my settings the VPC CM2 Grip was selected. I went through the process of selecting the standard Mongoos T-50 Grip, closing, opening, depowering and repowering and got the same results as described in my initial post. I then reselected the VPC CM2 Grip, the one that is actually connected, retested and it behaves just like described in my initial post. There has to be something more to this. This seems very odd. I understand you altered your base to facilitate the new Virpil Grip.
    Installation and set up went fine and my base works with the Warthog Grip. I feel I’ve ruled out a defective CM2 Grip as the grip works perfectly with the Virpil CM2 base.
    Any additional recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Hello Don

    After changing the grip you should see 32 Buttons, see attached pictures..
    If that not work something with the base is wrong
    Please open a ticket in the helpdesk

    Stefan Brunner

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    Ticket started

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