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    Hello all.

    This is my first purchase of a Brunner product. So far I am impressed with the unit.

    Upon installation, X-Plane asked me to calibrate the yoke so I did. Now, every time I launch X-Plane it asks me again. This cannot be right! Am I doing something wrong? Please help.



    Hi and congrats for your purchase !

    First, you need to use CLS2Sim software and you don’t need to calibrate the yoke in Xplane. You have to install the Vjoy driver which is a Virtual Joystick for xplane and which will communicates between Xplane and CLS2Sim. To avoid problem in Xplane, just set 1 axis for the pitch, and 1 for the Roll for the Vjoy and that’s it ! You can also map buttons of your yoke directly in Xplane, but not the Axis 😉

    Good Flights 🙂


    Hi, i’m the happy owner (more than 3.5 year) of the Brunner yoke
    First you must install the CLS2sim software. After installation you find the Brunner map on your C-drive if you using the basic settings.
    For example: C>Program Files (x86)> Brunner Electronik AD> CLS2sim> Simulator plugin installers. For X-plane you find the x-plane installer so
    run this with admin rights.
    This plugin software is the interface between the yoke and X-Plane. vJoy is not necessary for the yoke. I only use vjoy to assign the buttons on the yoke.
    For example stab trim etc. The Brunner interface software bypassed the X-Plane settings for the Aileron/Elevator.


    Thanks maximb/jovabra,

    Can you tell me where to find Vjoy?



    vJoy software is in the BprogramFiles (86) >Brunner Electronic AD> CLS2sim > Vitual joystick driver
    We can’t make it any easier


    Jovabra, you don’t have Vjoy in your xplane list of hardware?

    I have it and I have to assign Pitch and Roll to a virtual axis of the Vjoy because if not I have a cross in the center of the screen when I’m flying.

    But if you tell me you do differently.. i can try your solution 🙂


    If you have a crosshair in your flightsim this is a wellknown X-Plane item. In this case you have mouse controle i.s.o the Brunner yoke.
    Google is your friend. Search for crosshair in X-Plane.
    Some information about the CLS2sim installation.


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    vJoy is active in my X_plane hardware setup but only for some buttons.
    Advice: if you do some modifications in the X-Plane settings you must reconnect the CLS2sim.


    Thanks Jovabra. This is exactly the way I installed the plugin.

    In Xplane Hardware Setup, I have no axis assigned for the Yoke, but Pitch and Roll and assigned in the vJoy to avoid the Crosshair.

    I understand that you don’t use this method… You assigned Pitch and Roll directly on your Yoke (in Xplane)? And CLS2SIm bypass this assignment ?


    Hi guys,

    I really need some help. I don’t understand why xplane states I did not properly connect/calibrate the Brunner joystick and asks me to recalibrate every time I start a flight..

    So can’t we use the Brunner joystick, and if so, can we disable it in xplane11? Secondly, how to configure vjoy with 12 axis? Ignore them all? Where are the buttons defined as I only see two who are active in the interface…

    Is there a detailed step by step instruction manual?



    HI Rick.
    You can ignore the calibration for the brunner yoke. The calibration is operated by the software CLS2Sim and not Xplane

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