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    I’ve followed the instructions here: for how to configure the XPlane and CLS2Sim to work together.

    But as soon as you start XPlane then the pitch trim wheel in the cockpit slowly winds forward until it reaches full travel. You can manually pitch it back again using the mouse, but it will continue to roll the trim wheel forward endlessly.

    If I press the disconnect button in CLS2Sim then the trim wheel stops travelling, but then as soon as it connects again it will start again.

    If I tick “User hardware trim” in Profile Manager it will also stop adjusting.

    I’ve created a new profile in CLS2Sim and set to defaults and it still happens then.

    How do I go about making this not happen please?

    Many thanks,


    Version Information

    CLS2Sim Version: 4.25.8
    Simulator: X-Plane 11.41r1
    HW: CLSE-NG Yoke FW:432


    Do not make the change to trim limits in PlaneMaker.


    I’ve tried the default/built-in C172 G1000 without any changes and that still does the same.

    Any suggestions, anyone … ?


    I had the same problem with both X-Plane-9 and -11. I have:
    Brunner rudder and yoke (ethernet connected)
    Saitek switch panel (USB)
    CH throttle/switch quadrant (USB)
    PFC digital enhanced avionics (USB)
    PFC remote instrument console (USB)

    The problem with the trim rolling full nose down seemed to be related to the USB devices. With one powered USB hub, if I disconnected various combinations of USB devices the problem became much more rare. I installed a second powered USB hub with the 2 PFC on one hub and Saitek + CH on the second, I can operate everything and very rarely does the trim run away.

    I think:
    The number of USB devices affected my setup regarding the trim problem.
    The only times the trim ran away was when I hit a switch on the CH quadrant (perhaps accidentally hitting two at once). Also, if I hit a CH switch that was not mapped to anything, that seemed to make the trim run away.
    Once I used two hubs hooked up as above and programmed/mapped all the CH swithches, the problem basically went away.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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