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    has anyobody got the rudder working in xplane 12?
    The yoke works fine, but the rudder doesn’t seem to be recognized.
    Cl2sim can’t connect to the sim either.


    I got my rudder and work by copying the CL2Sim software found in xplane11/resources/plugins/ xplane12/resources/plugins/ – then CL2Sim works.

    The plugin installer does not work on XP12.


    Same issues here. What is the NAME of the file from the Plugins I am looking for? I deleted XP11 before installing XP12 but can retrieve the files from the Recycle Bin. Oh, I have the MKII (1st Gen) and the Rudder Pedals. I assume Brunner was simply waiting for XP12 to release before testing it. I know Austin does not come across as a Brunner Fan, which makes no sense to me but whatever, so I don’t blame Brunner for taking a back seat or wait and see position.




    Mine isnt working at all…..

    I was wondering if anyone has any info on using the Mark ll w/Peddles in x plane 12.

    I briefly tried and the CL2Sim connection couldn’t be established to X Plane 12. I installed the Cls2sim x plane plug in. Haven’t looked into any deeper….

    Working in X plane 11




    Copy the the files from x-plane 11 plug-in not 12. Not sure which ones so I copied all that did not look specific to another APP. Hope that help.

    Brunner will have to update CLS2SIM.


    This is the folder I copied

    xplane11/resources/plugins/XPlane10Connector <—- this folder



    fly safe


    This worked. Thanks guys.


    Does anyone have propwash effects working? My yoke in the cessna stays full forward until reaching enough airspeed, propwash doesn’t appear to work.


    Just thought I’d toss in another yoke datapoint.

    My CLS-E Mk II yoke is working fine with P3D and XP11. As previously noted, CLS2Sim XPlane plugin installer doesn’t know XP12 exists, so it won’t work that way.

    I DID copy the XPlane10Connector folder from my XP11 Plugins folder, and that got CLS2Sim/XP12 connected, but it’s a flawed connection. CLS2Sim connects to XP12 and a very slow rate, ~7 or so, and keeps disconnecting so it’s useless to even try it with XP12. When I DO get connected with XP12, I also get CLS2Sim dataref errors from XP12.

    Given that the connector plugin available now was written for XP10, it doesn’t seem to be asking a lot for something current to be supplied for software three versions newer, ESPECIALLY given the investment we’ve all made in the hardware.


    cdegroat82, I have the same issue. If you look in the CLS2Sim profile under effects, you might see that it doesn’t receive datarefs from the engine power. That’s why it doesn’t work. Probably an easy fix, but it needs fixing.

    Apart from that I had no issues, and I had a 2 hour flight around with the new VSkyLabs Maule M7 today.

    XP12 still has a ways to go in terms of bugs and compatibilities, but it’s very much on track. And the new weather system is to die for – it’s excellent!


    CLS2Sim v5.1.17 installed and does NOT work with XPlane 12. I notice that the supplied XPlane plugin is still the one written for XPlane 10.

    CLS-E MK II yoke still updating too slowly to be usable (Red box ~5), and XPlane still returns CLS2Sim data ref error.

    Looks like if I want to fly with XPlane 12 at all, I’ll have to drag out one of my old cheapie plastic fantistic yokes I retired years ago.

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