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    Hi everyone
    Is there an illustration somewhere that identifies the number of each button on the CLS_E button page? For example, which physical button is number 1, number 2 etc. Sorry I am not very good with computers. Thanks for any help!


    Hi Lennie.
    I’m not sure I understand your question correctly, but if you open ‘Profile Manager and click on the ‘Buttons’ tab, you will see a numbered list of the buttons and if you click on any of the actual yoke buttons, the corresponding button on the list illuminates.


    Hi Bill

    Many thanks, you have answered my question. I did not know that by pressing a button it would show in the software. From looking at all the aircraft listed in the “cloud” seems that all have the same functions like elevator trim, a/p on and off, flaps up/down on the same button so i guess it doesn’t matter which aircraft is selected, all are the same; or am i mistaken? I can change aircraft in the middle of a flight without making a change in the CLS software and it doesn’t change how the yoke works?

    I am really new at this and know only a little about computers. I need all the help I can get. So thanks again!


    Hi again Lennie.
    You can program all the buttons any way you prefer in any profile you load, using the down arrow head for each button.
    The settings you choose are specific to each different profile, so if you wish to change aircraft mid flight, something I have not ever wanted to do, I assume that the specific profile you have linked to that aircraft will load with it and its buttons settings will apply, but you should test this for yourself. You can have multiple profiles linked to the one aircraft, so unless you have nominated a preferred link, you would need to check which profile has loaded. Its not very realistic to change aircraft mid flight and it can lead to complications, so I would suggest that you don’t, but your choice!
    I’m not sure if you are new to flight simulation or just Brunner hardware, but you couldn’t have done better than choose this hardware; it is streets ahead of anything else currently on the market and although very expensive, it is definitely well worth it.
    I don’t know if you have the rudder hardware as well, but if not, you should get it when you can manage it.
    This yoke/rudder combination will enable you to experience the nearest thing to actual flying that simple simulators can provide; only full-motion commercial simulators could do better. You do need to tailor various profiles to the different aircraft to get the full benefit if you happen to have had actual flying experience, this will really help in this regard.
    By the way, I am quite new to this equipment also and am having great fun (and some difficulties) as learn.
    Enjoy your flying.


    Hey Bill

    VERY helpful, thanks! I think I understand the buttons now, and checking the aircraft that i have in the hangar seems the yoke works fine for trim, flaps, a/p, and the button in the back for parking brake. But I have no idea what the others do: axis, analog, hydraulics, etc. Perhaps I don’t need to use those?
    I changed aircraft mid-flight to see if the yoke display would change to the new a/c; and it does not.
    Been simming for probably 25 years, now on the 4th or 5th rebuild of my computer. Lucky that my son can do it for me, as i have no clue what’s inside. Here are my specs from AVSIM:

    Lennie, Henderson, North Carolina. Piper Warrior II pilot; Volairsim cockpit; Corsair 750D case; Corsair 850W PS; Maximus IX Mobo; Samsung EVO 850 SSD; Toshiba 3TB ExtHD; 3-ASUS Proart 24″ monitors; 2-GTX 1080ti video cards; I7-7700k CPU; Saitek instruments and panels – SPAD, MFG Crosswind rudder pedals; Brunner CLS-E yoke and Go-Flight throttle; Win10 Pro; P3Dv4, PTA, Active Sky, and lots of ORBX stuff.

    Even with the processor and current video cards I still have problems near LAX and JFK among others, I suppose I need to move some sliders in P3d, or just stay away from the big ones! The only large a/c I have are the F-27 and S340; tend to fly Mooney and a number of twins more to smaller airports. I enjoy flying low and taking in the scenery. And the Grand Caravan in the Caribbean.

    Again, thanks! And stay in touch!

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