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    Thank you Diego!


    good to hear you’re paying attention to MSF2020. All this is at the expense of the Prepar3dV4-5 users, in combination with the PMDG737NGXu, to get it working properly. By this I mean just like the “old” PMDG 737 NGX with AP and the feedback. There is a complete SDK of the Prepar3dv5 already available for about 1 year so that’s not the reason. You are abandoning a large group of existing Prepar3d users. Sad to see this lack of interest.



    Thank you for submitting the bug report to MSFS.

    I’m also following this thread as I’ve purchased MSFS2020, but have not yet committed to it due to the delayed support of certain third party hwardware vendors.


    Hello Diego,

    Thanks for being on top of the issue. I have submitted a ticket to Microsoft myself.

    Can’t wait to get the yoke back, it was an amazing experience during testing.



    I too have filed a bug. Any word back from Asobo? I can’t imagine other add-ons don’t also use these function, yes?


    Same problem here (hanging in the launch version) Thanks for working on it.

    best regards.


    thank you to everyone at Brunner working on getting things running with FS2020! Can’t wait to see the difference between prior sims and this new one. I too am having the freezing issue with the launch version. Sounds like this is a pretty well known issue at this point.


    I have a CLSE and I managed to get in the sim without freezing. I started the game first and connected the yoke after. I can see the axis when I go to Sensitivity but I cannot map those controls. Is there a mapping profile I can use ?

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    Perhaps you’re in USB or VJoy mode and not using the API?

    Mine is freezing, too, no matter in which order I’m starting the two apps or when I connect. Hope MS is fixing this soon. Seems like the sense of sending the Alpha out to people like Brunner is to make sure things are working from the beginning, so this looks like a serious change between last Alpha and Release version. I understand things can become hectic on the last mile, but in general you’d want to avoid such big change to how an API shipped to Devs work.

    @Brunner, please update this thread once you have confirmation of a fix. Thanks!


    Thanks Also Brunner for getting on top of this issue on our behalf. So many 3rd party developers are affected by this, including me. I’m amazed like other people how MS can go from a decent alpha/beta (which I was on ok) to the badly flawed release. Makes the time I spent testing the beta totally pointless and a waste of my time 🙁



    I was experimenting with my CLS-E stick and FS2020 last night, with CLS2SIM set to connect to FSX, no forced vjoy mapping, and a profile with the X/Y axes disabled.

    FS2020 loaded, but all the controls (keyboard, mouse, etc.) were locked out (this is on the opening UI screen). I alt-tabbed to CLS2SIM, disconnected, and everything unlocked again.

    I started up a flight, and while in the render screen, I alt-tabbed to CLS2SIM and clicked connect.

    All other controls locked up again (mouse, keyboard, trackir, etc.) but CLS2SIM was showing connected to FSX — the CLS-E stick had centered, and was outputting a ground/engine type of effect. Movement of the stick did not move the 3d cockpit yoke.

    I alt-tabbed back to CLS2SIM, disconnected… everything unlocked again, and the system was pefectly stable for the remainder of the session (several hours). No problems at all when reconnecting the CLS-E stick as emulated USB.



    I’m using a bundle CLSE Yoke USB/RS232 + CLSE Rudder, Emulate USB HID joystick (Force map unchecked). Rudder is connected to a dedicated USB port.

    Until last week I was happy (more or less because without Force Feedback as told last year when I started the “alpha experience”) with MSFS 2020… On august 20th I cancelled the alpha/beta version and installed the official MSFS 2020 Premium, it is now unplayable:

    • When CLS2Sim is configured as it should be, as other already say MSFS 2020 freezes…
    • When CLS2Sim is configured for the alpha/beta (ie Emulate USB HID joystick), it seems to work but with stutters and short freezes that render taxiing, taking off and landing quite impossible!!! It was NOT THE CASE last week with beta version.

    In conclusion… as this hardware+software doesn’t work fully correctly except with C172 or B58 (see unresolved problems with autopilot using MilViz or TFDi that only works disconnecting Yoke)… I’m selling this 2 yo bundle for a good price. Contact me 😉

    Didier Pilois (Italy)


    Hi Didier
    Please read above post from Diego
    Stefan Brunner


    This issue is NOT on Microsofts Major Issue Tracker oddly and is affecting so many customers and developers.

    Please check out the following Microsoft Flight Simulator Forum post and add your +1 and comments there if you can to help raise awareness.

    I can’t wait to get my yoke working again, so disappointed as a beta tester that we were not given this version to test.

    Regards Daz


    Hello Stefan,

    I read Diego’s post before posting… and it is because I read it that I posted : stutters and freeze using USB mode so it’s not an alternative!
    But perhaps I’m misunderstanding, if it the case could you explain how I should set CLS2Sim to fly smoothly as before 😉

    (And please… solve the “MilViz / TFDi issue”, cf. Ticket ID 312 that was supposed to be solved months ago):

    Hi Didier
    I was made aware of the Problem by MIlViz and will send you a Link to a test version in this ticket.
    As soon as I can get to implement it. (I have a mountain of things to work through at the moment.)
    Maybe somwhere around end of next Week.

    Regards 🙂

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