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    As the topic suggests, anyone else with the same issue?

    Tried to uninstall/reinstall vJoy but when going through the installation of vJoy, I get this:


    Also want to add to this, user manual for CLS2Sim mentions vJoy installation exe in the download folder; I am unable to locate this installation file.


    I think the vJoy version that comes with this latest version of CLS2Sim is updated as well. Possibly what is causing the problem.

    I ended up restoring my system to the state it was in before updating. Meaning I’m back on the previous version of both CLS2Sim and vJoy and everything is back to normal with no issues.

    As for where to find vJoy, it’s in its own folder in the installation folder of CLS2Sim.


    For vJoy,
    C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Brunner ElektronikG\CLS2sim\Virtual joystick driver

    The ultimate solution for vJoy after installation is a “Brute Force” (pwr off) and restart
    your computer. After a reboot the program finished itself.
    I do it this way.


    I also had to revert to the previous version…

    Diego Bürgin

    Hi all

    Diego here.
    We are aware of the problem and working on possible solutions.

    vJoy is working on Windows 11 (for now), but has some highly problematic bugs. (used before CLS2Sim 5.5.0)
    vJoy is not working on Windows 11 but is more stable in general.

    The main problem is that vJoy is not developed actively anymore and as it is a driver, it needs to be signed to allow installation.
    Microsoft has made driver signing significantly more complicated and cumbersome than it was two years ago.
    We are looking into the possibility of (maybe!) continuing development of vJoy ourselves.
    In the meantime we will modify CLS2Sim to allow choosing which vJoy version to use.

    For those who need to jump back to 5.4.7, here is a link:

    If you can take a minute to fill out this form here, I’d appreciate that greatly!

    Sorry for the trouble, and thank you all for your patience!


    Hello there, I just opened a ticket
    I was able to install new vjoy driver BUT I lost 80% of my joystick buttons that are recognized in cls2sim v5.5 but no longer in msfs2020
    I immediately return back to previous version until the problem will not be fixed.



    I would like to fill out your form but I am confused as to how they relate to my older CLS-E yoke, which REQUIRES vJoy.

    Maurice C.



    Will you let us know in here once you have a new version available which addresses this issue?

    I know there is an update check in CLS2Sim which I usually have enabled. Now I’ve disabled it since I don’t want the popup every time I start CLS2Sim to let me know 5.5.0 which we all know doesn’t work is available.


    Hi, I have an issue whereby since the updated software and firmware, I have lost the FFB effects such as buffet shake etc in my CLSE base. When I updated, I did not however remember having to update Vjoy driver as well? Should I have? Would it usually prompt you to do this? I use only in DCS and the Vjoy device is still shown in the devices columns in the control options…..Everything else with the base is working as it should……

    Do you think my issue may be related to this? I only updated as I wanted to try the new Direct X implementation, but am currently unable to try this as when I run the USB config tool, I am getting an error ( see different thread)

    I dont know how much of this may be relevant to the issues discussed in thread, but I thought the input may be of use. I am using windows 10>


    Update – rolling back to 47 version of CLS2 software has rectified the issue. I have not touched my VJoyinstallation……..


    Update: I tried this morning ( no idea why when everything was working fine after I rolled back) with a fresh installation, as I noticed new firmware version was out….

    I had no issues with the Vjoy installation, although it it shows as installed version number I did not run the installer in the folder. I tried fiirst with version 5.5.2 of the software, but had no FFB effects, which is what happened yesterday, so I rolled back to 5.4.7 and it worked again. So I thought, no problem, I will just roll back to 5.4.7 ……..So currently I am running version 5.4.7 of CLS2 & firmware 664…..but have no FFB effects

    I now have 2 issues: Firstly, all my old profiles no longer show up in the profile manager, ( I backed them up and copied them back in after the updates)

    Secondly, I have zero FFB effects in DCS, even though its connected and communicating, I have X & Y axis bound within DCS to both the Vjoy column and the CLSE joystick column in DCS controls options.

    Can anyone help? Thank you.


    I have got similar problems.

    CLS-MK2 yoke &rudder

    I had 5.4.7installed nor Problems at all, I upgraded to 5.5.2 and new firmware, after that it went all downhill. In MSFS (I only use MSFS) I got disconnection messages in CLS2SIM (node1 & 5) randomly in a flight, I reconnect and it would work for a while but then disconnect again, sometimes the yoke would just freeze, or stutter. I went back to 5.47, it doesn’t disconnect but the yoke still freezes randomly. Could this be vJoy related? Are the old vjoy drivers installed automatically when you roll back to 5.4.7. If I open vJoy app it says 2.9.1.

    I am desperate because my setup is completely broken now, I can’t fly at all with this problem of the yoke freezing randomly.




    I am on windows 10


    Sorr i meant vJoy 2.1.9

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