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    Update: so I went back to 5.4.7 but updated to vJoy (I am on windows 10) and things look much better now.


    HI all – many apologies in resurrecting an old post but I have an older CLS-E yoke which I haven’t used in a year or more. I put the flight and racing sim rigs in storage until I wrapped up a work related certification.

    Last night, installation of both vjoy and the CLS2Sim software went off fine. The yoke is recognized in MSFS2020 and works as fantastically as I remember. However, I find myself having the same issues as OP. In CLS2Sim I can see all the buttons actuating, but in both the USB Game Controllers Properties menu and in MSFS2020, only 4 of the buttons are working.

    I haven’t rolled back to an older version yet as I was searching through the forums here to see if perhaps I had done something incorrectly. I also haven’t submitted a ticket because usually when something like this happens I’ve done something incorrectly.

    Is there a solution that perhaps I’ve missed or is rolling back to a prior verion of CLS2Sim and an older version of vJoy the best solution?

    Apologies if I’ve missed the solution somewhere.


    Updating the forum in case anyone else comes around and experiences any issues. First of all, it took 1 day for the helpdesk to get back to me. In today’s day and age, that is remarkable and I can’t be any more pleased with that.

    Next, they suggested I update to the latest version of CLS2Sim, for some reason I thought the latest version was 5.4.7 and the latest version of vJoy which came with the 5.7.17 version. Then there were a couple checkboxes I had to ensure were checked.

    If anyone happens to experience this issue, reach out to the helpdesk. Again, it is remarkable how quickly it was resolved.

    Thanks Diego.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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